Pursuing the Socialization Backwardness

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Some people argue that competitive socialization is not necessary. They say that the ability to collaborate and work together is more important. But others argue that competition is needed by homeschooling children. I think both are right. The ability to work together is needed to live with others. The ability to compete is needed since you have to deal with competitive situations often in the work environment.


For four years we have lived in a remote area, a very peaceful place. There is almost no significant dispute there. All respect each other as people in a small village. With this condition, there is almost no competition. In the first two years, I felt this was very comfortable. I lived calmly and happily. But over time, I felt something was lacking, especially about my son’s education. He did not have the opportunity to compete as well as work together because people there are serving one another.


Maybe for people who want to live in peace, this situation is ideal for life. But for me who has thoughts about my child’s future and I don’t know where he will live in the future, this situation is not right.


While in the remote area, I have also tried to provide online socialization to my son. However, online socialization is different from actual socialization. There is a lot of falsehood and manipulation in online socialization. Actually, I am worried that in the future this will be faced by all humans, namely, that humans will no longer meet in person but only through online media. Online media is not entirely bad, but it is less able to meet the actual needs of human socialization. 


Earlier this year, I decided to get out of the remote area into the city. After a few months of preparing ourselves, last August we moved to the big city. Currently, we are entering the initial stage of introducing my son to the real world of socialization, where there are cooperation and competition through Martial arts and Christian community for teenagers. But it is not that easy.


My son is a teenager. It is more difficult for us to push him out of his comfort zone (compared to when he was a child) because he had thousands of reasons for not doing so. But I kept trying, and finally, I managed to make him present at several meetings of one of these organizations. For me, this is a good start. And in fact, my son is also quickly adapting to these organizations.


I hope to immediately write good news for readers about the development of my son’s socialization in terms of cooperation and competition. I believe, through socialization, good characters can be taught and become good experiences for my son’s future.


My name is Maria Magdalena, I live in a coastal remote area of Indonesia with my teenage son and a lovely husband. We like to travel. I write my homeschooling tips and journal at my blog Living Ideas (, and sometimes I make printables to share with my blog’s readers. I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to share about homeschooling with The Old Schoolhouse® readers.


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