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Some children are born with an ability to write that is nurtured and encouraged. Would your child rather dust or do math than write? Watch struggling writers gain confidence and strong writers soar with the practical help you will receive here.


Three Keys to Teaching Writing:

Would your child rather dust or do math than write? How do you foster a love of writing in your kids? Do you have the right tools for the job?

Watch struggling writers gain confidence and strong writers soar with the practical help of this WeE-book™ . . .Three Keys to Teaching Writing By Danielle Olander

Some children are born with an ability to write that is nurtured and encouraged. Many more children, however, have a great reluctance to write. As an instructor with the Institute for Excellence in Writing, Danielle gives us a close look into her homeschool classes, sharing the instruction, charts, models, and tools that allow students to feel confident about and even love writing.

In the pages of this WeE-book™, you’ll find sensible, proficient support from a writing expert:

  • Start With a Good Source of Information—Teach your children how to draw from text sources. Help them with choosing topics, note taking, using outlines, writing sentences, and creating original paragraphs.
  • Expose Students to Many Models of Writing—Included are four Models of Writing charts to get you going.
  • Require Specific Writing Components—Using a mastery approach, you can help your students mine the wealth of words in their language. As they practice these techniques, they’ll begin to use them with ease and grace.
  • Clearly Define Expectations—Make the often difficult process of evaluating so much easier: Communicate through child assignment checklists. Which elements should you include?
  • The Reachable Goal: Confident Writers—Successful writing teachers know how to train students in three skill areas, helping to develop the students’ writing ability without discouraging them. Become one of those teachers!

Bring a love of writing to your homeschool starting today.

Getting to the Root of Writer’s Block:

WeE-book™-Getting to the Root of Writer’s Block

Your palms sweat. Your heart is racing. You look nervously around, hoping the words you so desperately need will come to you. Are you being by interrogated by spies from another country? Are you standing in front of thousands of strangers, about to give a speech?

No, you have writer’s block.

Getting to the Root of Writer’s BlockBy Kim Kautzer

Writer’s block happens to the best writers, but what do you do when your child is suffering from this? And what causes writer’s block?

“Perfectionism lies at the root of writer’s block.”

Kim Kautzer helps you not only understand your child’s writer’s block, but also gives you techniques to work through it. Learn how to walk your child step by step through the writing process. By the end of this WeE-book™ you will understand phrases such as “sloppy copy” and “brainstorming.” Don’t continue to allow your child to suffer with writer’s block for one more day.

Why Does My Child Hate to Write:

Does your child hate to write? Can he weave a beautiful story verbally but come up empty when asked to put one on paper? Are you looking for ideas to help him transfer all those vivid tales into print?

Here is some wonderfully practical advice to help you help your child become an interesting and prolific writer from the

WeE-book™ . . .

Why Does My Child Hate to Write?

By Carol Barnier Discover some imaginative and effective ideas for guiding the child whose problem is not his imagination, but his distaste for physically writing. Here is a sampling of the topics this WeE-book™ will cover:

  • Learning the keyboard.
  • Don’t worry about writing in classes except for writing class.
  • A new twist to group writing.
  • Writing for an audience.
  • Keeping handwriting in perspective.


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