Considering Homeschooling Info-Pak

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Whether you are already homeschooling or just considering this journey, you will love these FREE informative gift packets for years to come! Grab your info-pak today! One per family, please. 


Over 60 Free eBooks and Other Resources in the Considering Homeschooling Info-Pak!

Items included:

  1. eBook: Homeschooling: A Prayerful Journey by Deborah Wuehler
  2. eBook: How I Homeschool: Twelve Families Share Their Lifestyle
  3. Email Newsletter – The Homeschool Minute
  4. eBook: The Heart & Soul Homeschool Mama by Gena Suarez
  5. eBook: Help, Lord, I’m Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler
  6. eBook: Homeschooling the High Schooler by Paul & Gena Suarez
  7. WeE-Book: Homeschooling the Rebel, Part I by Deborah Wuehler
  8. WeE-Book: Homeschooling the Rebel, Part II by Deborah Wuehler
  9. WeE-Book: I Was Raised by Wolves by Gena Suarez
  10. WeE-Book: A Classical Education
  11. WeE-Book: Are Parents Really Necessary?
  12. WeE-Book: Charlotte Mason Our Heroine
  13. WeE-Book: Homeschooling With Young Children
  14. WeE-Book: Homeschooling, a Natural Fit for the Kinesthetic
  15. WeE-Book: Homeschooling and Adoption, a Winning Combination
  16. WeE-Book: Homeschool Deception
  17. WeE-Book: Strategies for Struggling Learners
  18. WeE-Book: Organize Your HomeschoolHeartAndSoulHSMama
  19. WeE-Book: How to Teach the Fidgety Child
  20. WeE-Book: Homeschooling: Growing & Thriving in the 21st Century
  21. WeE-Book: How to Beat Curriculum Boredom
  22. WeE-Book: Concrete Math
  23. WeE-Book: Will They Ever Get It?
  24. WeE-Book: Three Keys to Teaching Writing
  25. WeE-Book: Hammering at the Walls of Education
  26. WeE-Book: Helping the Reluctant Writer
  27. WeE-Book: Mastering the Grading Process
  28. WeE-Book: Communication Skills and Your Gifted Child
  29. WeE-Book: Career Training, Mentorship, and Parenthood
  30. WeE-Book: Growing Authors and Illustrators
  31. WeE-Book: Science on the Wings of a Butterfly
  32. WeE-Book: So You Think Your Child May Be Gifted
  33. WeE-Book: A New Beginning
  34. WannaBe E-Book: When I Grow Up I Want To Be a Veterinarian
  35. WannaBe E-Book: When I Grow Up I Want To Be a Video Game Designer 
  36. WannaBe E-Book: When I Grow Up I Want To Be a Missionary
  37. Curiosity Files E-Book: The Blue Diamond Unit Study
  38. Curiosity Files E-Book: Fire Ants10ways-girls_frontPS
  39. eBook: Secrets of Successful Homeschooling by Paul & Gena Suarez
  40. eBook: Homeschool Dialogues
  41. eBook: Creating a Rich Environment and a Fun Place to Learn for Preschoolers!
  42. eBook: Preschool at Home Where They Belong
  43. eBook: Inexpensive Organization by Dena Wood and Eleanor Joyce
  44. ePamphlet: Common Core Briefing Pamphlet by HSLDA
  45. eBook: Is Public School an Option?
  46. eBook by Lee Binz: Bright Future Ahead: Homeschooling HS Month by Month
  47. eBook by Lee Binz: Homeschool High School for Excellence
  48. eCourse by Lee Binz: A Homeschool Parent’s Guide to High School Grades, Credits and Transcripts
  49. eBook: Hey Mama! 31-Day Devotional
  50. eBook: Turning Point
  51. eBook: Holiday Supplement 2010
  52. eBook: Holiday Supplement 2011
  53. eBook: Homeschool 101 Digital Supplement
  54. eBook: TOS Lab Presents: Your Guide to Examining Curriculum
  55. eBook: Wise Words About Teaching Reading: You Can Teach Your Own Child to Read Well
  56. eBook: An Ordinary Homeschool…With an Extraordinary God
  57. ePamphlet: Homeschool with Confidence
  58. ePamphlet: What About Public School? 
  59. eBook: Public School System: Lovers or Haters of God?
  60. eBook: The New School Year: Planning Your Course and Letting the Lord Determine Your Steps
  61. Course: Introduction to Architecture*
  62. eBook: The Homeschooling Primer: What Home Education Looks Like & How to Start




introtoarchitecture_Facebook_1200x628 Introduction to Architecture is an online course from that brings your student elements of architecture, as well as studies of various structures including skyscrapers, bridges, castles, and more. Your student will learn about assorted aspects of each structure, including the point in history when it was built, its function, the architects, and the basic science behind its stability. The course includes reading assignments, videos, map activities, and hands-on activities. See this and more than 400 other classes at

At, our mission is to equip families worldwide with high-quality, self-paced homeschool resources grounded in a Biblical worldview. As the curriculum site of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, we offer complete curriculum for preschool through high school. We know that every homeschool family is unique. Some of you know exactly what you want to teach and when, but if you are unsure what to teach when, this resource is for you. Our Scope & Sequence resource will show you the academic goals traditionally held for each grade level and where to find that information on as well as areas where you may wish to supplement.




2 reviews for Considering Homeschooling Info-Pak

  1. Karie Hedrick

    I’m excited to start homeschooling my daughter!!

  2. mrsreginacoley (verified owner)

    These are wonderful resources and a true blessing to my heart for homeschooling my children.

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