A Voyage Into Adventure


Are you interested in a learning adventure where light becomes more than just something to brighten a room? Where bugs become fascinating creatures and not something to merely be screamed at? Order this 20-pack Adventure bundle today!


Are you interested in a learning adventure where light becomes more than just something to brighten a room? Where bugs become fascinating creatures and not something to merely be screamed at? Study maple syrup and how it’s made and through it all learn that God is creator of all (including the creepy crawly insects). This 20-pack Adventure WeE-Book bundle is for you!

  • A Light Unto My Path – Are you looking for a great way to brighten your week or lighten your work load? The word light is spoken of numerous times in the Bible. Wouldn’t it be a great study for your children to learn about light while exploring what the Bible has to say about it?
  • The “Me Time” Myth – Do you find yourself running on empty—fuming and sputtering for some breathing space? Is “me time” the answer? This author says “NO . . . ‘me time’ is a myth.” Expect a blessing and acquire new insight from this WeE-book™.
  • The Value of Homeschool Conventions – In the pages of this WeE-book™, you’ll find answers to your questions and important insights, guiding your path to that rewarding homeschool convention experience.
  • For the Love of Bugs – Does your child love or hate bugs? Do you love or hate bugs? Do you have a budding entomologist on your hands? Or one that cringes at the mention of the word bug? Do you wonder, “Why study insects?” Discover the many valuable lessons bugs can teach us.
  • Let There Be Light – Did you know that the ancient Greeks and Egyptians thought that light was something that emanated from our eyes? What is “light” from a scientist’s perspective? How do we teach about light? Learn the answers to this and more in the WeE-book™.
  • Homeschooling With Young Children – Running out of creative ideas for teaching your preschool and early elementary children? What is the rocking chair method? Could you learn from a seasoned “pro” who has NINE children? Make the best of your children’s early years!
  • Light, Color, Optics – What do you know about thermal imaging? Can understanding light help in search & rescue? Learn how to apply what you know about light to what you know about God – how we see it, how we don’t see it, and how it relates to the entire world around us.
  • From the Tree to the Table: A Maple Syrup – Does cabin fever have you wondering why you ever decided to homeschool in the first place? Break up the monotony of the winter with a unit study on maple syrup & learn science, math and more!
  • Oceanography: Voyage Into a Marvelous – Does the Ocean call you and fill you with wonder? Would you love to explore the deep blue sea? Come explore the fascinating world of the deep Explore the fascinating and mysterious world of the deep in this WeE-book™.
  • The Submarine: A Legend Before its TimeDid you know there were there submarines during the Civil War? Do you know who built the first submarine used in war? What is the real story of the CSS Captain Pierce?
  • Organize Your Homeschool – Is it a scramble to locate schoolbooks each morning? Does it take your kids five minutes to find and sharpen a pencil? Do you despair that you will ever be organized? Follow Bethany’s simple steps to tame the clutter and disorganization in your home.
  • Charlotte Mason and Susan Schaefer Macaulay – Why are both the British educator—Charlotte Mason—and the author—Susan Schaeffer Macaulay—mentors of the modern homeschool movement? What can we learn from them?
  • Growing Authors and Illustrators – Did you ever wonder if creative tendencies are somehow genetically predisposed? Did you know that your life experiences are worth recording? Enjoy learning the many ways to encourage your children to write and draw in a very natural way.
  • The Shocking Truth About Electricity – Is electricity a mystery to you? Do you understand it enough to teach about it? Confidently and safely help your children understand what electricity is and how it works.
  • Simplifying Classical Education – Do you love the idea of classical education but feel intimidated by the amount of work involved? This WeE-book™ will calm your fears and show you an easier way to utilize the classical education method in your household.
  • Creation vs. Evolution: Interpreting – Was Adam a metaphor? Is Egyptian chronology correct? What does a Christian evolutionist believe? What can we learn from all those long, boring genealogy lists in Genesis? What’s the big deal about evolution anyway?
  • Play What You Mean – Is communication an important skill to teach your kids? Yes! Teaching your children to express themselves well is imperative. Discover easy, creative, and fun way to teach conversation skills!
  • Lincoln vs. Darwin: What’s the Difference? – Two men—born the same day. Both changed the nature and course of history significantly! Discover some amazing facts and utilize those thinking skills with this interesting comparison study!
  • Time Flies While History is Written – Do you ever wish you could write your own story a little differently? Be encouraged by and learn from this homeschool mom who openly shares her heart and reflects on the past.
  • Nifty Thrifty Summer Fun – Looking for creative ideas to enhance your summer? How can we make our summer memorable? Are you ready for some frugal fun . . . and catalysts to learning? Molly is learning that frugality isn’t drudgery. It is freedom, and it can be fun, too!


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