How to Incorporate Grandparents into Your Homeschool

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incorporate grandparents into your homeschool


Rather than work through one particular curriculum, I prefer to encourage self-research, reading plenty of books, and when possible, actually interviewing and spending time with people that are knowledgeable about our current focus of study. This approach to education has been extremely helpful in subjects like electives, life skills, and especially history. Though we can’t always find people to enhance our learning experience for each subject, occasionally we have family members that can help us out.  Since our parents and grandparents are retired, they have been very helpful resources during our homeschool journey. Today I’m sharing three ways to incorporate grandparents into your homeschool. 


“I was there” Interview

Have your children prepare questions about the time period or an event that occurred during their life. Not only can you ask them for any specifics that they remember, but you can also focus on how they felt. It is important to note their emotions during the time because each person’s experience is unique. We’ve had several heartfelt conversations about the effects of racism, discrimination, and the civil rights movement with my grandfather. We have also learned about the Desert Storm war and Army life from my parents. These interviews allowed us to have a living history experience rather than a basic book explanation of what happened.


Sharing an activity or field trip

Create a unit study around or spend a week teaching something that the grandparents have a knack for. Make time to research the skill, teach your children about it, and then set up a special time for the grandparent to share their knowledge. If you have a mother or grandmother that can sew or crochet, ask her if she would teach a class to your children. If there is a grandfather available that can play an instrument, ask him to teach your children or take him with you to listen to a live band. This also works for other hobbies like playing chess, volunteering, or you can even have your children shadow them if they own a business.



Create a Special Holiday

I know most schools celebrate the first, 100th, and last days but homeschool allows you to create your own special holiday. Instead of waiting until the 100th day of homeschool for a party, use the 79th day in celebration of your 79-year-old grandfather. If one of your parents or grandparents has a birthday coming up that falls on a school day, use that as a day off. Don’t avoid schoolwork completely, just let the focus be on learning something about their life. Have your children create projects that showcase special memories and how much they appreciate their grandparents or great-grandparents.

If you are a family that still has grandparents and great-grandparents around, make sure you acknowledge and appreciate them. Their wisdom is a valuable resource that should be considered a help, and not a hindrance. 


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    Love this! Especially since I’m a grandmother now 🙂 🙂

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