Hey Mama Monday: Support Groups, Conventions, and Co-ops: Should You Attend, Mama?

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Hey Mama,


It’s been a busy and stressful couple of weeks at our house—so I’m going to focus on some encouragement. Have you felt encouraged lately? If not, find some support. I don’t mean just family or hubby support. I mean godly, sweet Mamas who have been where you’re at and can tell you you’ll make it.

Hold on just a little longer. (I know it’s hard). And when you feel like you just can’t, take heart in the One who can. Support groups, co-ops, and conventions offer moms the refreshment they so need—right about now. See what the experienced have to share in The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine:

Support Groups: Cultivating a Garden of Friendship

10 Rules for Homeschool Convention Etiquette

Should I Join a Co-op? A Question for Every Homeschool Mom

And remember, Mama. . .

As much as you love your own precious children, God loves you even more than that. You cannot begin to fathom His great love and the delight He holds for you. So every time you begin to doubt your worth, or feel insecure, stop and look at your kids’ faces. Are they insecure about your love for them? Do they doubt their own worth in the presence of your love and care for them? Of course not.

Mama, you know they are strong in body and mind because of how you have cared for and loved them all the days of their lives. They are secure (guarded, protected, shielded, held fast) and they know it. Why do you think they go running to you every time they fall down, both literally and figuratively?

Mama makes it better. They are strong in that knowledge.

How about you, Mama? Are you not loved far more by your great God and Savior? He loves with a perfect love. And He directs that love straight to your heart; where do you think you learned to dispense it the way you do? Don’t you dare doubt you are cared for. Put away any thoughts that you are alone. If your kids are secure in the imperfect love you give them, how much more secure and strong should you be in the Perfect One’s loving embrace? You’re His.

Guess what, Mama? He will never leave you. Just as you won’t abandon your children, He won’t leave His dear daughter alone for a minute, either. Lift your eyes up to Him who saves you. And accept freely that you are okay today. His hand is on your head.


~ gena


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