Hey Mama Monday: Start Your New Year Off Right, Mama

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Hey Mama,


So much to be thankful for. Look at this time last year. You have grown. There have been trials, tribulations, problems, hurtful seasons, and pain. There has also been joy, new life, friends who have stayed closer than a brother, and blessings from the Lord’s hand so direct that you know it was Him. Of course, it was Him.

You have grown. Your children have grown. The tapestry – more threads every day. It will gloriously hang about your shoulders when you are old, holding you tight. You will look back and see that while things were not always perfect and even done very badly, God is the God of hope and peace, of love and second chances. The tapestry continues to weave under His watchful eye. He holds it up and continues to build up what He has purposed.

What will you be known for? Will your tapestry tell a story of perseverance, great trust in the Lord, and faithfulness to the end? That is our goal, Mama. But all of the greatest men and women of the Bible, even Abraham whom God referred to as “friend,” had rotten seasons. Really rotten. But they did not give up. They were found faithful to the end.

And we too are made righteous through Christ. He makes clean our very core. The tapestry weaves and braids, moves in and out, winding, interlinking, twisting, looping and inter-folding – and by His hands. This means His hand … as always … is on your head today.

Walk thankfully. You who are in Christ have a future that is good – very good. Leave your children squarely in His hands. Set your troubles at His feet. Cast your cares on Him, the One who cares for you. Joy comes in the morning.


Have a blessed new year with Him!


~ gena


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