Hey Mama Monday: Mama, What’s the Best Way to Teach Math?

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Hey Mama,

I’m probably going to sound like a broken record, but the best way to teach math is to find the best curriculum or method for your kid. And the frustrating thing can be that what works for one of your kids may not work for the others. There are a lot of good choices out there for curriculum. Get together with your hubby and see what will fit your kids’ learning styles (and your budget). Ask friends from your homeschool group, too, about curricula they’ve used and what they did or did not like. Then prayerfully let the Lord lead you to the math resources that will promote learning–even if it needs to be something different for each one of your kids.

Now, here’s a reminder for you . . .

Just stopping in to remind you of how special you are to the Lord. You know how you love your kids? That bond is so great nothing could ever break it, right? You would die for them. You would lay your life down to save theirs. I know you would. You’re just that kind of Mama.

Your great God and Savior died for you, too. He laid His life down for you. He is just that kind of God.

You are loved. You are cherished, Mama, by your Father in Heaven. He will never leave or forsake you any more than you would forsake your own dear children. Did you know he loves you FAR more than you could ever love your own? Did you know His love for you is something you can’t even yet comprehend? It’s so much more real than this very life we live. It’s so much higher than we are.

His love is deeper. His love is wider. His patience is enormous. His mercy never ceases. His hand is on your head.

His smile is broader. His arms are stronger. His care is a never-ending gift, and it’s for YOU, Mama. His hand is resting gently on your head, and you will not waver. You are His.  

Your children, also–let them know too of His great love for them. Your family glorifies Christ, and He will be with you always. Rest, Mama. Rest in His smile. May His love, protection, and provision be on you forever.

~ gena


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