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Hey Mama,


Are the textbooks working? Is there a subject you are not sure how to handle? Or do you just need something different and fresh? Whenever I am at a loss as to what to do with one of my children, whether they are struggling in a certain subject or I feel they just need a new start because something (or everything) isn’t working, then I look into online learning options. Often, it is just the fresh start we all need.

Before I give you a bunch of links to research on the subject, I want to encourage you. YOU CAN do this. God gifted you with these children, and He will equip you to get the job done. He wants them discipled more than you do. Stop procrastinating, thinking it is too hard. Roll up your sleeves and keep at it. Oh, and don’t forget the most important part: pray for God’s direction. Look to Him instead of relying on your (lack of) knowledge. He’s got all the wisdom and knowledge you need for your child. Lean on Him. Try Him and find out He’s ready to help. You are NOT a failure – that would mean it was all about you. You have a Faithful God writing your story. He will complete the work He begins. Move over and let Him work through you. You will have the victory, and you will gain it quicker on your knees.

“My flesh and my heart fail, but God is the strength of my life …” Psalm 73:26.

Online Learning: Plugged In or Turned Off? by Laura Baggett

Learning Art from a Distance by Timothy Chambers

Online Learning Success by Brandy Chandler

Online Learning with MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courseware) by Andy Harris

Homeschooling in an Online World by Adam Andrews

Check out The Old Schoolhouse’s Pinterest page! Tons of fun learning projects, articles, and ideas right here.

And, of course, check out So many teachers, so many subjects and all in one place and all for one price no matter how many children use the site.

Here are real homeschool mom REVIEWS about

And more online learning REVIEWS right here.

God’s got your kids; we’ve got your back.




Deborah WuehlerDeborah Wuehler is the Senior Editor and Director of Production here at The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. She would say she is a very ordinary homeschool mom–with one exception: she has an extraordinary God Who provides all she needs for life and homeschooling. She has eight children aged 11 to 29. Deborah’s mission is this: to point other homeschoolers to the Lord in all they do, think, and feel—and to confirm that they, too, can find everything they need for life, godliness, and homeschooling in their knowledge of Him (2 Peter 1:3-4).


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