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Hey Mama,

Just stopping by with a little reminder. Life’s not about formulas. Well, it was for Baby Z for his first year of life, but I digress. Funny how babies love that stuff. But formula won’t last forever, and parenting is so far beyond that anyway. Formulas are for newbies. Amateurs.

And a solution is a molecular mixture of two or more substances. Marriage is kind of like that—a mixture of two baggage-loads of flesh and bone and heart melded into one. You’re not gonna find any formula for the perfect marriage, either.

But there is One who is highly interested in our relationships here, Mama. He wants our marriages centered squarely on Him. He wants our children to be raised in His love and admonition. That means we need to know His word—the Bible.

So, if you want a formula today, I’ll do my best. It’s below. But it’s inferior to the real solution: a Christ-centered home, school room, and life. God’s word is full of doctrine, words of wisdom and instruction. Get into it with your husband and kids.

On to the “formulas and solutions,” since some might have asked:

Be real with your kids. Transparent. You’re not perfect, and neither are they. They also are not stupid; they see our hypocrisy. So keep it real. Love them with all your heart, and make sure it’s a tough love, too. Sappy is not for you, Mama. They’ll only mock that later. Stand true and stand strong; they’ll come around. You’re the Mama, and they know deep down how much you love them . . . Remember all those seeds you have sown? GOD will water those . . . Wait on Him, OK?

They may walk a foolish mile. Pray them through it. Don’t bend to it, excuse it, fawn over it. You’re a parent during that time, not a BFF (that comes later). Pray them through that foolish mile and be in the word yourself. Ask God for wisdom. Cry it out, but wait on Him; He says to wait on Him! Do it. Endure. Pray. Lay that child at the foot of the cross. Jesus is mighty to save!

Marriage? Be his best friend. His heart can trust in you, Mama, always. Never be divided against him in front of your kids, ever. If you disagree, be quiet and dignified about it, privately. Guard your mouth, don’t spew. Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord. Love your husband with a fierce and faithful love. God will bless you. Pray for him often. Know that the enemy prowls about and that your husband is not perfect. He is a man. Love, love, love him. He is your first love (after the Lord God); your children come next.

But even with that . . . there are no guarantees. We live in a sinful and fallen world. LIFE eternal awaits us all who are in Christ, and that is when the true adventure will begin. This life is soooo temporal, so fleeting. Let’s make it count the best we can. May we be found FAITHFUL to the end.

You are a faithful Mama. And His mercies are new every morning. Drink that in, Mama. You are included. You are.

Now throw the formulas people have been trying to stuff into your life out the window and just live for the Lord. Love Him with all your heart. Love your neighbor. Don’t worry about self; it already loves too much. Live for Him, and everything will fall completely and wonderfully into place.


hey mama

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"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).