Giving Our Children The Whole Christmas Story – Part 2

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In response to man’s rebellion a divine war was declared on sin, with most of humanity siding against their Creator. But still the plan forged in eternity past could not be halted. Finally, about four thousand years after Adam’s transgression, a child, fully God and fully man, was born. In Him was life – the promise of eternal life. Like Adam, Jesus was tempted, yet choose good and lived 33 years wholly without sin. He was the one man Who do not have had to die, because He had not sinned. But a promise had been made; and a promise had to be kept. Though escape from death was His, Jesus chose not only to die but to also take all the sin of the world upon Him and be scorched by the holy wrath of God. There was betrayal, a trial, cross, and tomb. Again, it seemed death had won. But a promise had been made; and in the final words, “It is finished” the promise was kept. Three days later the Prince of Life wrestled free from death’s gripe because “it was not possible that he should be holden of it” (Acts 2:24).

This lifts the all-too-familiar Christmas story to a whole new level, doesn’t it? Before Genesis 1:1 God outlined history so it would orbit around the coming, birth, life, death, and resurrection of His Son like Earth orbits the Sun. That plan was forefront when He sparked time’s first moment into existence. It took force when His word created everything out of nothing.

In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1).

From moment one, Jesus was the Word before He was Mary’s baby boy. From moment one He was fulfilling the promise.

So what does this mean? What does it mean during this Christmas season when we in the West remember the promise made among the Godhead? First, let’s not divorce Christ’s birth from its Scriptural and historical context. Much sentiment, myth, and mystical fog has clouded the birth of Christ that very little of it has any resemblance to the promise of eternal life that cost Him everything.

Second, teach it to our children. Children long to be part of something eternal. Lead them to see God’s big plan as He gave it to us in His word. You don’t need a doctorate in theology to do this. Only a Bible and a teachable heart crying out for the wisdom God promises to all who ask in faith. May our hearts be full of thankful reverence as we remember the greatest promise ever made to rescue us from sin our greatest peril.

In hope of eternal life. Which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began (Titus 1:2).


Kenzi Knapp is a follower of Christ, homeschool graduate and student of history. A fourth generation Missourian she enjoys writing about daily life enrolled in Gods great course of faith and His story throughout the ages at her blog, Honey Rock Hills.

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