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Homeschooling parents love to share their resources with others. This resource guide for homeschool families is provided by homeschooling families for homeschooling families. If you have ever been in the same room as more than one homeschool mom, then you know that the conversation often leads to curriculum: the good, bad, and the ugly. This list provides a stellar example of quality materials so you don’t have to sift through them! These have been tested and found to be true by homeschooling families just like yours.

Getting Started Looking to get your feet wet but not sure where to start? This site has freebies in the form of eBooks and physical materials shipped right to your door to help get you started. Some people like to jump in the deep end with homeschooling, and others prefer to dip their toes in the water first. If you want to test it out, this site is perfect for you.

HSLDA Starting Strong Resources: If you are ready to research the homeschooling regulations for your state, then getting connected with HSLDA is the way to go. Aside from the legalities of homeschooling, their site provides fantastic how-to tutorials, grading helps, and other resources for parents.

Online Curriculum

Abeka Academy: This program is a self-paced homeschooling option where children watch pre-recorded lessons in a live classroom. Abeka has been a trusted name in the homeschooling community for decades, and this method of education has been used by parents successfully year after year.

Adventure Academy: Created for children ages 8–13, this option has been included in this resource guide for homeschool families because of its appeal to this age group. The entire program is completed within a video game format. The child creates an avatar and works within a virtual school, moving from classroom to classroom and even the library.

Ambleside Online: This completely free homeschooling site offers a Charlotte Mason-style approach to homeschooling. Materials are found on the site, or links to works in the public domain are provided. This option has materials for all grade levels.

BJU Press: Completely online, this option has been popular among homeschoolers for years. This is one of the most hands-off options out there with automatic grading options available.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool: Parents looking for a free homeschooling curriculum resource will find resources for all ages on this site. The site is laid out so the parent can see all the tools needed to homeschool their child.

Liberty University Online Academy: This private school allows school-aged students to take their classes entirely online. Although it is self-paced, each student is assigned an advisor so they have access to help from someone onsite. 

Monarch Christian Homeschool: Completely online, this program has automatic grading, customizable lesson plans, and flexible subscription options. One price covers the entire family with this quintessential homeschooling solution. With resources for children in PreK–12, parents can rest assured that they will have the tools they need to succeed. Transcript help, customizable lesson plans, and virtual gathering among members are all included in a subscription.

Time4Learning: This online program offers games, activities, and instruction for children in PreK–12.

Western Christian Academy: This fully accredited distance learning private school offers virtual homeschooling enrollment.

Supplemental Materials

Moving Beyond the Page: This unit study-based approach is included in this resource guide for homeschool families because it allows students to study a book in-depth while having plenty of hands-on activities to reinforce learning.

The Fallacy Detective: Popular among Classical Conversations homeschoolers, this quality book is used to help teach children and teens critical thinking skills and logic.

World News: This source of current events presents world news to your children from a Biblical point of view.

Memoria Press Literature Guides: The literature guides here are paired with classic pieces of literature, allowing children to dive deep into quality literature in a child-friendly way.

Discounted Homeschooling Materials This site has so much more than Bibles and cute gifts for your mother-in-law! It also has a wide variety of homeschooling materials for children of all ages.

Exodus Books: This organized and meticulously created homeschool bookstore allows you to purchase quality materials online for you and your children.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op: Free resources, materials under forty dollars, and so much more are available on this time-tested, homeschool-mom-approved website.

Rainbow Resource Center: This company provides brand-new materials at a discounted price. Whenever looking for curriculum, it is good to price match between the retailer’s site and this one before making your final purchase. Also known as Second Harvest Curriculum, this one-stop shop is an excellent resource for families looking for used books for their homeschool.


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