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Pursuing the Socialization Backwardness

  Some people argue that competitive socialization is not necessary. They say that the ability to collaborate and work together is more important. But others argue that competition is needed by homeschooling children. I think both are right. The ability to work together is needed to live with others. The ability to compete is needed
hey mama
  Hey Mama, So much to be thankful for. Look at this time last year. You have grown. There have been trials, tribulations, problems, hurtful seasons, and pain. There has also been joy, new life, friends who have stayed closer than a brother, and blessings from the Lord’s hand so direct that you know it

Winter Wellness

winter wellness
  Shorter days and colder weather can lead to some bad habits. People who normally exercise and eat their vegetables may find themselves sitting indoors and eating junk food during the winter. Your health is important through each season of the year and even more so during the winter months. Here are five tips for
hey mama
  It may seem tempting some days. Why not send the kids on the public school bus and have the whole day (and the house!) to yourself? Or head off to a job where you can earn some respect and increase the family budget. Wouldn’t that be nice? But . . . wait a minute.

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