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Finding an Outlet

finding an outlet
  Since I was 14 years old, I have worked in some capacity or another. I babysat for various families, I worked at a grocery store, as a waitress, in my college’s payroll department. I worked as a tutor and teacher. There has never been a moment in life that I wasn’t working outside of

The Star Within

johnny appleseed
  March 11 is a day dedicated to one of my favorite American folk heroes – today is National Johnny Appleseed Day. Born in 1774, John Chapman is the man who became known as Johnny Appleseed. Johnny Appleseed planted apple trees in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. He often traveled

Outdoor Play & Family Field Days

  Spring is finally here and with that comes ample opportunities to enjoy a few homeschool sunshine days. Sometimes, we use our time outside as a break from our school day; however, we appreciate learning outside too. Since my children are in vast age groups, I have to be creative in choosing lessons and activities

Hey Mama Monday: Mama, You Did It!

hey mama
Hey Mama, You got through today. You did it. And I know there were moments you suffered from “mad mama” syndrome, but what’s done is done. Good thing your Father is patient and your kids so forgiving. They love you. I think it’s good they see the crud sometimes. They are experiencing real life. You’re

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