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Election Day Learning Fun

election day learning
  It’s never too early to learn about American freedom and Election Day! I learned to vote because my parents voted in every single election. I heard them talk about the candidates, their character, and their platform. In my adult life, I have never missed voting in an election. There is so much more to
early learning reading activities
  Families seeking home-based early learning reading activities for their children need not look far. With a plethora of resources found online, at local libraries, and discount stores, parents will be well on their way to teaching their child to read or strengthening current readers’ reading skills with these simple steps. First, begin with a

Hey Mama Monday: Know Your Home, Mama

hey mama
  Hey Mama, During this life—before we go to our forever HOME in Eternity and are able to look into our Savior’s face—we will endure tests and trials. And you’ll feel tired. You, dear Mama, may be going through a really bad time, even right now. Deep heartache. I know these afflictions are hard, an

Homeschool – 5 Advantages of Small

advantages of homeschool
  When you count the blessings of home-style learning, you are not be intimidated by the GIGANTIC government school. You know the truth is: . . . What the BIG school can do, . . . . . . your LITTLE school can do better. In the SMALL school, the benefit of reading INTERESTING books

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