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Winter Books for Homeschool Families

winter books for homeschool
  Gather around the fire and snuggle up with these captivating winter books that the whole family can enjoy. Be sure to have your hot cocoa prepared as you cozy up and read these stories with your family. Are there little ones in your home? We have a compilation of winter-themed picture books galore. From
homeschool on a budget
  Hey, Mama, With seven kids, although some of them have graduated, money can be tight for everything — not just homeschooling. Homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive. With the internet, the library, the support of other homeschool families, and the use of creative budgeting, you can homeschool inexpensively. Take a look at some advice
homeschool routine
  As you think about your plans for the new year, homeschool changes will likely be on the top of your mind. Afterall, your child’s education is one of the most important things you do. Here are some ways you can give your homeschool the feeling of newness without throwing all your current routines out

Fun Pizza Night Remix

family pizza
  Pizza night is always a family favorite in our home. We usually order from one of the local restaurants, and everyone gets a say in what we get. (And bonus, mom doesn’t have to cook!) Once and a while we get adventurous and make our pizza at home. We have several different favorite go-to

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