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We Can’t Afford to Homeschool, But…

afford to homeschool
  If I had a quarter for every time I’ve said or heard, “I wish we could homeschool, but we can’t afford it,” affordability for our family wouldn’t be an issue. That phrase, whether in reference to curriculum or living on one income, is one of the most common responses to the “we can’t homeschool”
hey mama
Hey Mama, You have freedom to love, freedom to make choices—good or bad—and freedom to pray. Freedom to read God’s word openly and as often as you want. Freedom to hide Bible verses in your heart (and your kids’ hearts). Freedom to discipline your children in love, to build their character, to mold them into
teach multiplication
  Many of us use a curriculum to teach math, but using literature to teach math can be a great teaching tool. I am continuing this math literature series with some of the best books to teach multiplication. With my love for literature and math, it only makes sense to combine the two so I
  In science, my children have been studying taxonomy recently. We read about the Animal, Plant, and Protista Kingdoms.  As we reached the Fungi Kingdom, we learned that fungi do not ingest their food like animals do or make their own food, like plants, but absorb nutrients from their environment through their bodies.  They do

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