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charlotte mason
  Charlotte Mason, a Christian educator who lived over a century ago, has inspired me to cultivate wonder, use living books, cultivate good habits, enjoy nature, use narration, and explore art and music in my homeschool. Our entire family has benefited from these practical ways to make learning fun and help children remember what they
hey mama
  I kill nearly every plant that comes into my house. In keeping with that gift, I also let things die outside. But this time, my children took on the garden project themselves, and they are actually growing and producing some fruit. My kids loved the fact that I didn’t micro-manage everything but let them

Backyard Tea Time

tea time
  It’s finally summer, and with warm, sunny days comes lots of backyard memories in the making. My kiddos create a bucket list every summer of activities or adventures they want to do, with a few added in from mom and dad. One bucket list item was added early in the year, a backyard tea
charlotte mason homeschooling
  Homeschooling parents understand there are highs and lows in our days. Crazy days and busy seasons don’t go away during home education. Sometimes, the busy seasons turn into a routine that leads to chaos in our homes. We then find stress consumes our days, and learning is no longer enjoyable. It’s easy for us

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