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silly songs
  Silly songs can easily get stuck inside your head. But they are so good for kids to sing. If your kids love singing silly songs as much as mine do, don’t worry! They are actually practicing important reading skills. So the next time you’re folding laundry or driving to the store, go ahead and
hey mama
  What does homeschooling mean to you? Are you doing it because it’s a current popular trend or just convenient? Maybe you travel a lot or your kids have special needs? Is it just a means to an end? Were your children being bullied in public school and you thought this would be the solution?
  So, high school is underway… again. My daughter seems to be juggling everything okay except for one subject: Algebra. Entrepreneurship (which she is doing through, literature, geography, history, French—no problem. But those subjects don’t require a lot of abstract thinking. At first, I was also concerned about the literature class because my daughter

C is for Cookie Month

edible cookie dough
  That’s right! October is Cookie Month, and who doesn’t love a sweet cookie treat! Of course, there are thousands and thousands of cookie recipes: from family favorites, to Grandma’s cookie book, and even trusty old Pinterest. There is a cookie recipe for everyone, even great tasting cookies for those with allergies. It is definitely

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