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Spring Cleaning Your Homeschool

spring cleaning
  Now is a great time for some spring cleaning. I am not referring to tasks like vacuuming, washing, or dusting although now is a great time to declutter your homeschool space. What I mean by spring cleaning is taking a break from what you are doing and evaluating your homeschool before moving forward. It
homeschool graduation
  Is 2020 the year you graduate one of your blessings? Congratulations! Whether you have been homeschooling since they were learning to read or you have been finishing up their last few years of schooling at home, you did it! Your sacrifice has paid off, and now your child is moving on to a new

Hey Mama Monday: Keep Walking, Mama!

hey mama
Hey Mama, Trials will come and go. Some last longer than others, and some are so painful you cannot breathe. It’s easy to ask, “WHY, God?” But really, does He owe us an answer? He’s given us one already, and it’s in His word. There are a vast number of passages that discuss trials and

Slime, Putty, Sensory Play… Oh My

edible playdough
  Did you know on March 6 Silly Putty was invented in 1950?! The rest is history. Now we have slime, putty, gack, goop, so many sensory wonders; it’s truly a love-hate relationship. My kiddos absolutely love playing with playdough and Aaron’s Thinking Putty, but other parties in our home (cough, daddy) cringe at the

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