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How to Move Your Homeschool Co-op Online

homeschool co-op online
  We were having a blast in our homeschool co-op! Our 20th Century History course was filled with hands-on fun each week, and the older kids were working on writing their own cozy mystery novel. The kids were digging into the Bible with an inductive Bible Study course. We loved spending time together each week.

5 Tips for New Homeschoolers

tips for new homeschoolers
  When I withdrew my oldest son from kindergarten and my youngest son from preschool to begin homeschooling, I considered it a temporary situation. I had no intention of homeschooling long term. My plan was to continue homeschooling as long as it was still working for our family. Well, it never stopped working, and my
  Have you ever purchased curriculum because it claimed to have all you needed for your baby up through your high school student? Then, you find out that it’s just too complicated or that you still need something more. Frustrating, isn’t it? But we choose to believe the “perfect curriculum” idea just in case it’s

My Notice of Intent is Approved, Now What?

notice of intent
  Welcome to the club! I am sure emotions have overcome you. Fear and utter shock probably being the most prevalent emotions. Having the weight of your child’s education completely on you is terrifying. You may think, “What if I can’t teach my child?” “They will never listen to me.” “I am not a teacher.”

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