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bring geography to life
  Meeting missionaries in our geography studies has been such a blessing to my family. We love geography to begin with, yet when you add the missionaries, other countries become so alive. “Children, here is a nation that God loved so much that He sent His Son to the cross and missionaries to reach them
teach history
  Many of us use a curriculum to teach history, but using literature to teach history can be a great teaching tool. I am continuing this history literature series with some of the best books to teach ancient history. Students in ancient times, sitting by candlelight, actually read history through literature. There simply was no
hey mama
  Summer is a great time to get outdoors and have fun learning (and the kids don’t even have to realize they’re soaking up knowledge). If your kids like sketching, drawing, or journaling, head outside with sketchbooks and have the kids jot down what’s special about God’s creation to them. If scavenger hunts are more

Backyard Gardening

backyard gardening
  Well, if you always wanted your own little plot of veggies, now is the time! Designate a small plot in your yard or a large pot on your porch. Be sure you have plenty of soil, sun, and a steady water supply. You can pick up a garden hose and a gardening can for

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