Are You Making History Exciting, Mama?

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Hey Mama,

You know the saying, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”? Well, the same goes for your homeschool. You can learn from other Mamas what did and did not work for their kids—and you can learn how to draw closer to the Lord and lean hard on Him (because He’s the only way you’re ever gonna make it through each crazy day, am I right?). 

Your kids can also learn from history if you tell it right. They are little sponges absorbing the exciting stories of nations being formed, philosophies forged, and inventions created. But you have to make history interesting. Not sure how? Read these articles from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine:

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And remember, Mama. . . 

Sometimes you just want to call up a friend, a mom who’s “been there, done that.” Someone who can relate, who won’t cast judgment, who will just listen to your heart. Sometimes you need a shoulder, another mom who has walked the path, whose kids are grown now and doing just fine.

Has your heart ever felt like it was ready to tear in two? Life can be so cruel, so unjust. Friends betray. Kids don’t listen and stomp on your kindness. The enemy is always out to devour, out to prey, out to bring you down.

Another mom . . . a mentor. There are times you could just use one. And maybe you already have that person in your life. If you do, you are so blessed. More blessed than you know.

Fast forward ten years. Maybe fifteen years or more. But fast forward with me for just a minute, OK?

See that daughter of yours? Fifteen or so years from now, she may be married. She may have kids. There will be days her heart is breaking; life is just predictable. History repeats itself, remember? No one is immune to life’s troubles. And the Christian Mama—the one who has children’s hearts to mold—she is a target. The enemy will do what he can to rip up your plans before you can even start them. But back to your daughter, a decade and a half from now, she will have those episodes. THOSE kinds of days where she (like you when you were younger) will need a friend, a mentor, a Godly comrade who can remind her why she does this thing called MOTHERHOOD. A reason to keep going.

That’s you, Mama. You will be her best friend. The one she calls to share the joys and also the tears. You will have the Godly counsel ready to go. You will be armed with TRUTH—truth of God’s words, Christian principles to share. You will be the one she runs to for that Christian counselor, that caring friend. It’s you, Mama.

So for now, keep walking. You stay in God’s Word. Arm yourself with Biblical wisdom so that you can speak into her life when she’s in her twenties and thirties and beyond and calls Mama, her best friend. The one who will steer her right.

Now is the time to study. Now is the time to hide God’s Word in your heart. Now is the time to think about the relationship that will be so INCREDIBLY important a decade from now.

You are building a heritage. You are walking in truth. God has set you right here for this purpose.

His hand is on your head, and He will complete what He has begun in you. Get through these trials. Persevere. Endure. Because you are being prepared for something very, very big, and He will never leave or forsake you . . . or your daughter. And He will be using you greatly in her life.

Teacher. Faithful Mama. That is you.


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  1. Reyna Chavez says :Reply

    Thank you so much for the encouragement, God bless you more!

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