3 Ways to Spoil a Homeschool Mom This Mother’s Day

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mothers day

mothers day


What is the one thing every homeschool Mom wants this Mother’s Day? I wish I could give you a universal answer that would meet the needs of homeschool moms everywhere, but that wouldn’t be fair to your mom! She is special, unique. She deserves a special day this year like she has never seen before. Just for her!

2020 may not have looked different in the educational realm for homeschool moms since they already were home educating before the pandemic hit, but that does not mean last year wasn’t hard. For many moms, it was, for newbie homeschoolers and veterans alike. Extracurricular activities were closed, trips to the grocery stores often consisted of being creative when the usual items were not available, and added relational stresses may have piled on as political opinions from various family members led to heated discussions over family gatherings. 2020 looked different for every mom. The stressors were different. Some changes may have affected some moms in different ways than they affected others. So, take a step back and think about what YOUR mom needs. Even though I can’t give you a single solution for putting a smile on Mom’s face this year, here are three fun ideas that you can adjust to make your mom’s day extra special.

  1. Give her a day alone.

In a climate where mom may not have the same opportunity to grab a cup of coffee with friends as often as she may like or have a few hours to clean the house without interruption as she may have had pre-pandemic when her schedule was different, a day alone might be exactly what she needs—and deserves! It certainly is not that she does not want to be with her children, but some moms recharge best when they are alone, and your mom may fall into that category! For these types of moms, it’s amazing what a single day alone can do. You might even encourage her to watch uplifting videos such as the ones available for moms in the Parents section of Give her a day and allow her to be refreshed and renewed!

  1. Plan something she enjoys.

It’s Mother’s Day, and some moms, though they would appreciate a day alone, would much rather spend this particular day with their family. If this describes your mom, try to pinpoint what would absolutely make her day! Which of the following activities would she enjoy the most?

  • Family hike
  • Spa day (alone)
  • Mother/daughter spa date
  • Breakfast in bed (where she doesn’t need to cook OR clean!)
  • Breakfast at a local diner before church
  • Brunch at a restaurant after church
  • Family dinner out at a fancy restaurant
  • Family movie night (she picks the flick)
  • Family art day: painting pottery, creating jewelry, etc.
  • Kitchen-free day: a different child prepares each meal throughout the day from breakfast to dinner
  • Backyard bonfire, complete with s’mores
  • Visit a state or local park for the day
  • Family bike ride
  • Go out for ice-cream as a family
  • A day by the water: lake, pool, beach, etc.

Or would your mom prefer something completely different? If so, share it with us in the comments! Maybe it will bless other moms as well.

  1. Clean for your mom.

Pick a room and offer to clean it for mom this Mother’s Day. Whether it’s the homeschool room, kitchen, or laundry room, deep clean it the best you can so when Monday rolls around your mom can take a deep breath knowing there is one less room she has to worry about. You might even consider cleaning the family vehicle, inside and out, if that would be considered a blessing to her. You know what she would be blessed by, and this is her day so do what will make her smile! A little can go a long way!


mothers day

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