10 Fun Homeschool Graduation Party Ideas

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homeschool graduation


Is 2020 the year you graduate one of your blessings? Congratulations! Whether you have been homeschooling since they were learning to read or you have been finishing up their last few years of schooling at home, you did it! Your sacrifice has paid off, and now your child is moving on to a new chapter of life. With spring almost here, now is the perfect time to begin the planning stages of your child’s homeschool graduation party. Whether you make it big or keep it small, just remember who you are celebrating, your graduate!



If your child prefers to keep it simple, throw the party at home. Do you have other children in the family that enjoy cooking? Have them join in with the preparations. Assign them dishes to create or serve. If you are concerned about the stress of entertaining at home, have it catered or turn the party into a covered dish meal. 

Maybe a central location would work better for your guests. If this is the case, renting a park pavilion is an excellent budget-friendly option. If you prefer throwing the party at a restaurant, call around and find out what it costs to reserve a room and what their a-la-carte prices are. You could also choose an all-you-can-eat buffet-style restaurant to make it easier for you to figure out pricing ahead of time.



Decide if you want to create invitations to send in the mail or if you want to send digital invites. You can even create your own free webpage to use to invite and keep track of RSVPs using platforms such as EventCreate. If your child is tech-savvy, this would be an excellent opportunity for them to shine. On the other hand, if your child is crafty and enjoys lost arts such as calligraphy, cursive, or papermaking, creating handmade invitations would be right up their alley.



Is your graduate-to-be into bling? Would they be thrilled if you pulled out the fabric napkins and fancy dishes neatly displayed in the corner cabinet? Maybe your child would feel special if the party space was decorated with helium balloons, streamers, and a large homemade sign created by their siblings. Every child is different, and what each one appreciates varies. Ask them if they want to help decorate or if they want to be surprised.


Food Displays

Will the party be served as a brunch? A dinner? A midday snack? Plan your food choices depending on the time of day the party will be held. Consider your budget, and using Pinterest, find creative ways to present the food that you will be providing. Whether it’s a chocolate fountain with strawberries that takes center stage or a platter of veggies and dip, make it special and make it shine.


Graduation Cake

Do you know a budding cake designer? Hire them to make your child’s homeschool graduation cake. If not, find a local bakery or grocery store where you can create a made-to-order cake. For these places, most of the work can now be done online, ahead of time. If you love to bake and creating your own cake is a challenge you would take on joyfully, go for it and consider it a gift!



Discuss with your graduate-to-be what they want to see on the menu. Encourage them to be mindful of friends and family with certain allergies or intolerances. Choose a variety of options, if possible, to help meet the needs of these guests. Also, consider what you will have available to younger children that may plan on attending. If you put the number of young children into consideration, you might think about having an adult/teen menu with more expensive food items and a children’s menu with something simple that will not cost as much. 



Think easy; have a table set up where guests can serve themselves. In a more formal setting, consider pitchers on each of the tables. Hire or assign someone to keep the pitchers full but not worry about pouring individual glasses.


Guest Book and Gift Table

If you are putting all of this work into this time of celebration, why not have a guest book to remember who was there? Even if you take pictures, you most likely will only get a glimpse into who was there. Allow guests to sign the book and even leave a special note with encouraging advice or a Bible verse for the graduate.


Memory Table

Make a collage of your child throughout the years. Show your child’s friends and family a glimpse into your child’s life. Highlight important events, birthdays, vacations, awards, and accomplishments.


Make It Unique to the Graduate

This is his/her day. Make it special for them. Let them help with the planning of the party as much or as little as they want. One idea is to surprise them with a themed party. If they enjoy music, decorate the party with a music theme. If they are a traveler, create a menu of their favorite international foods. Be creative and celebrate your child in a way that will be memorable to them!


homeschool graduation

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