Confessions of Extremist Parents

Wednesday, 04 May 2016 by

With tears streaming down her face my friend’s daughter was incredulous as she exclaimed, “I am in college and you are sending me to camp?”   Another friend sent his son to a Summit Conference with the following admonition, “You are sitting on a fence with a foot in the world and a foot in the

It’s Time To Get Our Hands Dirty

Monday, 02 May 2016 by

Spring is in the air, flowers, and buds; it’s everywhere! What an excellent opportunity to get out and explore, plant a garden, or create collections. Even journaling Spring and the vast number of new beginnings it fosters can be a wonderful way to “science” or spend time in nature just for fun. There are many

Embracing the Chocolate Volcano

Saturday, 30 April 2016 by

When my children were young, I often used a thematic approach when planning the school year. I would choose the main topics that I wanted to cover and then search for related material for each subject area. Sometimes the related material was a bit of a stretch, but if it fit the theme and seemed

When Learning Happens

Saturday, 30 April 2016 by

As new homeowners in Oklahoma are inclined to do, we had a storm shelter installed in our back yard this week.  My husband took  the day off to monitor things and he and my son sat watching the entire process from beginning to end (about two hours).  As boring as it might sound, the excitement

  I was a reluctant homeschool mom.   When my oldest was born, I was counting the days until he would go off to kindergarten.   I had a job I loved (teaching horseback riding lessons and training horses), and couldn’t wait to get back to it full time.   However, God has a sense

You Are Enough Mama

Saturday, 23 April 2016 by

You Are Enough, Mama I started the day feeling like I could do anything. I was refreshed from a better-than-normal night’s sleep, and I had big plans for school. But then life happened … Dishes are now piled up in the sink. The main toilet overflowed. The neighbor and her dog came to visit, and

Cars and Trucks and Character Traits!

Friday, 22 April 2016 by

  We all have them, those children who play with cars and trucks 24/7, make noises like cars and trucks, and know everything about construction trucks and different types of cars. What better way to share character traits than with those very vehicles our children love to learn about? Character Traits with Auto-B-Good is a

Years ago when I was reading Jim Elliot’s Journal, I found the following: “Anything, good as it may be, put before my study of the true and living Word, becomes a snare, and I must assiduously avoid all such if the Word of God is to be my fresh meat every morning.” The first time