The Season of Not Gifting

season of giving
  Far too many of us get stressed out around this time of year because we are trying to live like the rest of the world. We want the perfect picture for our Christmas cards, the best selection of food for our holiday party, and we want to choose the perfect gift for every person
The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to grab the newest print edition of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, Winter 2017/18, that is heading off to the printers very soon! You need to make your way over to the TOS Store and get your copy pre-ordered at the amazing price of $10 (which includes shipping!). Do
fun december activities
  When the calendar flips to December, we’re all ready for a much-needed change of pace. I’ve discovered it’s the perfect time of year to put aside the book work, and do our homeschooling differently. I focus on building important memories and spending time with family and friends. But, I don’t want learning to stop

Six Things I Learned from ADHD

  As parents, we often focus on finding solutions to the challenges our children (and we) face. We think of these challenges as negatives. What if we are really the ones who need changing? Maybe God gave us out-of-the-box kids to cause us to grow in our faith, to throw away our assumptions about parenting,
relaxed Christmas season
  Does the idea of having a relaxed and peaceful Christmas make you scoff? Do you think that in order to ensure your children have fond memories of the holidays you have to drive yourself into the ground? I have good news for you! You CAN make the holidays special for your family, create wonderful

What I Learned Along the Riverbank

    1“The Mole had been working very hard all the morning, spring-cleaning his little home.” With these words, we enter a very special world called the Riverbank, created by Kenneth Grahame. We are introduced to Mole, a tender-hearted optimist, whose big heart often gets the better of him; Ratty, an industrious, kind, and sensible

Homeschooling the Lonely Teen

make friends
  Socialization is a dirty word among home educators. We staunchly hold to the opinion that our children are socialized plenty, thank you very much. But the reality is that we often fear that our homeschool children are lonely. Even if they are involved in outside co-ops, classes, lessons and sports, we worry about how
Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, In five years, life will be very different. You may have another child. Or a grandchild. People you know may have passed away, five years from now. You might live in a different house…in a different state. You might have a completely different job. You might have no job at all. Life

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