The “B” Word

why it is important for kids to be bored
  I cringe every time I hear this word said in our home, and as the days become wetter and colder, I seem to hear it frequently throughout the day. “I’m bored, Momma. There’s nothing to do.” I am a firm believer that our kids NEED to be bored. I don’t think I knew this

Finding the Awesome in the Exhausting

Homeschool Is Exhausting, But Totally Worth It
  Are you tired? There are a lot of responsibilities and burdens that we take on in choosing to homeschool. Where a public school employs teachers, cafeteria workers, janitors, lawn care workers, security staff, not to mention administrative staff and then sends the children home for their bathing, clothes laundering and other needs, a homeschooling
A Gentle Reminder Of Why You Homeschool Your Children
  Are there days when you wonder if your children would be better in public school? My mother was a music teacher before having children. Though trained to teach other parents’ children, my mother’s years in the system taught her one thing: it wasn’t for HER children. Even so, there were moments when my mother’s

Keeping Art in Our Homeschools

A Fresh Way To Incorporate Art Into Your Homeschool Schedule
  It’s fun, it’s messy, and it’s essential to a well-rounded education. Art awakens God-given creativity that’s necessary for our kids to excel in every subject! As an art school grad, I’ve seen the boost artistic creativity can give even the most technical of fields. The Lord Himself calls us His “work of art” and

Who Will Teach These Children

10 Reasons Why You Should Homeschool Your Children
  Is our culture becoming ethically better or morally worse? What would it take to bring true positive change into our future? The solution lies in my home and yours: our very own children are the answer to this ancient problem. The cultural elite know this fact; therefore, everyone and their Uncle want a hand
How to Start and Finish Homeschool the Right Way
  “If we dare to be different and persevere in our homeschooling, we can provide our children with rich educational experiences and hope for the future.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My friend, who was into the seventh month of her pregnancy, had camped out all night. Why? To make sure her child

The Power of Penmanship

how to make handwriting an engaging activity
  Penmanship can be seen as a follow-the-bouncing-ball mindless activity where children learn the basic strokes of the alphabet. You demonstrate how to make the smalls and caps of the letter “a,” for example. Show kids the method to write the letters and give practice drills so they will get it right. Penmanship, in this

Finding Joy in Math

How to make math fun
  Finding joy . . . in math? Some of you reading that may wonder how that’s possible. I know math often comes across as a very dry, frustrating subject filled with apparently meaningless rules. But when we look past those rules and really understand math’s purpose, math comes across in a completely different light.

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