3 LEGO Games to Build Soft Skills

LEGO games
  My kids love building with LEGOs. They have many different sets and will play for a couple of hours nearly every day if I let them. Whenever I bring LEGOs into our homeschool, I instantly have everyone’s attention. They’re eager to listen to the instructions and see what they get to do with the

Don’t Marry Your Method!

teaching method
  As I was preparing to embark on my homeschooling journey, I read books, consulted veteran homeschooling moms, and gathered materials. One of those items was a set of vintage readers that was recommended for practicing oral reading. I purchased another book to teach phonics; so we focused on that first. My son hated it,

Choosing the Best

manage your time
  Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays has passed, we face another year, often with a bit of ambiguity. You may be a devout “resolution” person, or maybe here in early January you have already fallen off the resolution wagon. Its ok, you’re not alone. None of us are exactly alike, with

No More Trophy Children!

show off
  Can we please get one thing right in the new year? Can we agree to no longer have trophy children but just to simply love and cherish our children as they are? Too often homeschoolers feel the need to justify all they, and their children, have done—in order to try to prove to the
Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, It’s kind of interesting to me how when you go to Ephesians chapter 3 and read through the text, you find a strong message about Christ’s love for us. I mean, the writer, Paul, is trying to give us even a mere glimpse of that deep love that cannot even be fully

Helping Our Children Depend on Christ

depend on christ
  One reason I love physical books is the turning of the page. Don’t get me wrong—I use a Kindle often, but no matter how engaged I am in my e-books, there’s nothing like the crinkle of another page turn. And in that short moment, I go from the bottom of one page to the

Achievement Testing Dilemma

sat and act tests
  Several times a year, I watch as students pour over SAT and ACT prep books and attend prep classes; and moms and dads, feeling their student’s college career is at stake, stress out or stress their children out as test time approaches. Are these tests really necessary? Are they really an indicator of college

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

dual enrollment
  Dual enrollment is generally reserved for high school juniors and seniors who are in strong academic standing and demonstrate an aptitude for college level academics. Dual enrollment gives high school students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit. In addition, when taken in a regionally accredited college, these courses can be

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