Hey Mama Monday

Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, Read this and take it to heart: One day your little monkey-cracker-jack-monster-boy will be in his forties; a strong man with responsibilities of his own. And that (sometimes) eye-rolling girl of yours will stand gracious and tall, with eyes full of wisdom, loving and caring for her old Mama. You are going

You + God Are Enough

rely on God
  Are we really equipped to teach our own? For many years, random moms have approached me about homeschooling, often following an educational crisis with one of their children. They’ve all expressed fear about their ability to teach their own children. Having homeschooled my own children for 18 years and having been in leadership in

Bedtime Prayer from the Bible

pray with your kids
  “Mommy, I’m scared of the monster in the closet!” “Well, Sweetheart, it can’t bother you because Jesus is keeping you safe,” I soothe. A pause and he cries, “I’m still scared.” Hmm, I think it’s time to start teaching him how to connect with Jesus himself, and it will not hurt to pray something

How to Use Mega Bloks in Your Homeschool

use mega bloks in your homeschool
  Does your family have a collection of Mega Bloks? These over size construction bricks are a great building tool for younger children. I discovered last year they also make an excellent learning tool for math and language arts. They are customizable so that you can work with each child at the appropriate level. These

The Family Reading Hour: A Review of Peter Pan

  My family recently took an over the road trip that covered seven states. Previous to our departure, we paid a visit to the library to arm ourselves with audio books to while away the hours. One of our choices was the classic, unabridged version of Peter Pan. After reflecting on this story, I wished

It’s Okay to be a Dinosaur

nothing wrong with being old-fashioned
  At the Team KEMP Academy, we love dinosaurs! Initially, our interest in the prehistoric creatures came from our oldest son Bear’s desire to study them and play with them. We do a unit study every year, going more in depth as to dinosaur traits and newly discovered fossils, and of course, our preschoolers enjoy

Are You Running on Empty?

making your spiritual health top priority
  With the hustle and bustle of our world today it is easy to run ourselves ragged. I know I am not good at taking care of myself when we are busy. Physically, my body warns me when I am doing too much. I get headaches and achy muscles. When I get these warning signals,
  To the question, what are the qualities of an aspiring architect, one might answer, mathematical finesse, while others might suggest geometrical passions. The gift of playing with blocks, Legos or puzzles or understanding the world in multiple dimensions. I agree, but my experiences suggest that one of the most qualifying qualities of a budding

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