As homeschooling parents, we lay down our lives for our children. Often, we give up friendships, dreams, income, and more so that our precious little ones can be taught at home. We feel we demonstrate service to them because every day most of our activity revolves around serving their needs. Maybe we feel that
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  Listening to one of my parents read aloud on chilly winter evenings ranks as most cherished in my childhood hall of memories. With five sisters, we quickly developed a ranking of our family favorites. Here, I’m going to share our top ten with you, which have endeared themselves to us not only for their
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  When the wind blows cold and the snow falls deep, gathering the family around the living room to read aloud stories that have stood the test of time is a great way to make memories. Though I grew up with only one brother, we still heard our share of boy favorites. These tales rank

Homeschooling in Canada – Sarah Davidson

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  We live in British Columbia in a small town on the Arrow Lakes. We are with the distance learning school SelfDesign. You can enroll and have a learning consultant to help you with your child’s learning path; you can also enroll and not have to report to anyone (but we are registered). Also, day one,

Rehearse the Good!

  The Biblical story of the ten lepers healed by Jesus, with only one returning to thank Him, told in Luke 17:11-19, has been imprinted on me since childhood. As a result, one of my personal prayers as an adult has constantly been, “Lord, I don’t ever want you to find me ungrateful for what
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  Recently, Heather Eberlin shared her story about adjusting her teaching method to match her son’s preference for a different learning style. Eberlin’s story of not staying married to your teaching style and curriculum is an important lesson that many homeschooling parents have to learn over time. To help our children grow to love learning,
Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, I heard you were struggling with anxiety. Worries. Just stopping by to encourage you. You are not alone. John 14:27 speaks of peace. Christ gives us peace, not the kind the world has to offer, but something far better, much stronger. Did you know His ways are higher than ours? We think

This Momentary Gain

  Snap-Chat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: how on earth did we survive before these marvels of technology? A recent survey showed a high percentage of millennials (roughly ages 18-30) actually believe that free WiFi should be a Constitutional right; one wonders what Alexander Hamilton, President Washington, and John Adams would think of this result of

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