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The Foundation and the Freedom

Saturday, 08 August 2015 by
blog- foundation and freedom

  Anything that is going to stand strong needs to start with a strong foundation. Our country began with the colonies. Elementary and middle school students can learn about the founding of the American colonies, beginning with Jamestown in 1607 and covering the colonial period through the French and Indian War in 1759 in Amy


Click on the Article Below to Read   Article Spotlight~ *Consider your autistic child’s medical health before addressing socialization. *Embrace your decision to take your autistic child home! *Are you worried about socialization for your autistic child? *Take your child at his own pace—you know him best!

Art for All Ages

Friday, 07 August 2015 by
blog- art for all ages

  Exceptional art courses abound on SchoolhouseTeachers.com. The variety within each course will provide your student with a great experience, regardless of his/her age. Studio Art for Teens is a course that focuses on a step-by-step recognition of how to build art by imitating the masters. Sharon Jeffus has written more than forty lessons for


Teaching Multiple Levels The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is YOUR trade magazine for family education. Stay subscribed to this newsletter becausethis is the place where we give FREE education gifts on a regular basis. Read the magazine anytime, 24/7, atwww.TOSMagazine.com. It’s the Family Education Magazine! Mercy Every Minute    Deborah Wuehler, TOS Senior Editor   Keeping

Can You Believe It?

Thursday, 06 August 2015 by
blog- can you believe it

  This is going to sound downright crazy! But, even with all of the great courses available on SchoolhouseTeachers.com, all for one outrageously low price, you can EARN money as well. Our Affiliate program pays you for your referrals. For every person who signs up using your member-specific affiliate link, you will earn 25% of

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - Summer 2015

Click on the Article Below to Read   Article Spotlight~ *Be encouraged to homeschool through high school to give your children the best preparation for life that you can! *Prepare your children to take on life maturely by homeschooling through high school. *Help your children develop maturely by allowing them to explore their interests in

Until Someone Loses an “i”

Wednesday, 05 August 2015 by
blog someone loses i

  You know the saying, “It’s all fun and games . . .” Well, with Pre-Algebra, our saying has a twist. Middle school students will spend 40 weeks discussing topics such as decimals, fractions, percents, integers, exponents, and equations. Charlene Johnson will prepare students for letters in math (and more). Each unit includes printable instructions,

Are You Up for the Challenge?

Tuesday, 04 August 2015 by
blog are you up for challenge

  Summer’s halfway over. We’ve probably all gotten pretty relaxed and our brains are on their way to being mush, right? Snap out of it! I challenge you to a Photography Challenge. Weekly photography challenges with Michele Peterson is for students of all ages who are new to photography and those who have been the

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).