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Could you use someone to cheer you on as you homeschool? Or better yet—how about a whole bunch of people to lean on, who know what it is like to be in your shoes? Wouldn’t it be great to sit down with people who have answers, people who deliver homeschool help for moms? Wouldn’t that be helpful as you grapple with the questions and challenges of whatever homeschooling season you are currently in? 

You can find your very own cheering section in every issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. This spring, we’ve collected thoughts from over forty writers who have put pen to paper to share their experiences and ideas on a wide variety of homeschool topics. They literally come from sea to shining sea and many places in between. We have writers from Oregon to Connecticut and from Michigan to Alabama. One penned her thoughts in Brazil; another wrote from Canada. One lives in a yurt in Hawaii! Some are homeschool parents, adoptive moms, bloggers, podcasters, librarians, tutors, professors, or former teachers. Look who else wrote for the Spring 2023 issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

  • Retired military officers
  • Musicians
  • A nutritionist
  • Specialists in learning disabilities
  • A retired school psychologist
  • An attorney
  • A beekeeper
  • Homeschool researchers
  • A former pastor
  • A women’s ministry leader
  • A master herbalist and aromatherapist
  • A CEO of a homeschool curriculum company

What a list! There is even a grandad among our authors who wrote to offer homeschool help for moms. You will hear from homeschool graduates too—that’s always encouraging. 

Several authors wrote to inspire and explain how moms can make money doing what they love. “It can be daunting to start a home business, but it’s possible for you to make your idea of a home business into a reality!” writes Lita Sanders. Read Lita’s article, “How to Start a Home Business,” plus more articles on the topic like “Homeschool Mama Money” and “Working with Purpose: Three Tips for Discovering Your Passion.” And while you are bringing in that homeschool mama money, you can help the kids learn life skills like personal finance. Lita Sanders adds, “If your children are old enough to help with the business, it can be a fun teaching opportunity.” Here are articles to get you started: “Salaried Kids—Teaching Personal Finance to Homeschooled Students” and “Tips for Teaching Personal Finance: An Interview with Paul Vasey.”

Owning pets also teaches life skills. One writer shares, “Never perform CPR on a parrot.” You will be grinning when you read more from her in “Should Pets Come with Warning Labels?” Picture your family with an unusual pet when you read “Crazy, Cool, and Unconventional Pets: 4 Things to Consider” and “Guinea Pigs—All about These Fun and Unique Animals as Pets!”  

Have you ever thought of a garden as a classroom? Gardening teaches children skills that can stay with them throughout their lives. See if your family is ready to dig in with ideas from many gardeners who shared articles as spring promises new life. Let “How Does Your Garden Grow?” inspire you to learn lessons together outdoors. If you are looking for a rewarding hobby for a child, herbs are a great place to start. They are easy, inexpensive, fun, and useful as you will discover in “Herb Gardening: A Great Place to Start.” Gardening isn’t just for those with a big yard. “Gardening for Small Spaces” might plant a few ideas. You are going to love this sweet garden story called “Butterfly Morning” too.

Experts wrote to strengthen parents who are homeschooling struggling learners or children with special needs. If you are ready to see a difference in your child’s focusing ability, consider Dianne Craft’s “3 Methods to Tackle ADHD.” You may recognize Dianne as a trusted specialist who frequently writes for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. In this issue, she offers insight on “carbovores” and how targeted nutrition can make learning easier. Dr. Ken Neuser shares a teaching secret: writing thrives in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. That sounds like home, doesn’t it? Dr. Neuser shares more wisdom in this article for anyone serving their homeschoolers by helping them learn to write: “And You Too Shall Compose: 4 Stages of Writing for the Struggling Learner.” Cheryl Swope offers homeschool help for moms too. She wants parents to know, “You are more qualified than you think.” Don’t miss her “21 Tips for Teaching Students with Learning Challenges.”

One author, Shelia Erwin, wrote: “Where others saw a hyperactive 6-year-old, I saw burning creativity.” If that resonates with you, you just may appreciate Shelia’s article: “Can Your Choice to Homeschool Your Children Change the Trajectory of Their Lives?” Shelia doesn’t regret homeschooling her sons. They once dreamed of making Christian motion pictures. Today, that dream is reality. You may have heard of them or their work. Shelia’s boys are known as the Erwin brothers, and their credits include major motion pictures October Baby, Moms’ Night Out, Woodlawn, I Can Only Imagine, I Still Believe, American Underdog, and the newly released Jesus Revolution.

As you support your children’s gifts and talents, and teach them the importance of a good attitude, you will be amazed at where God will take them. You will enjoy “Want to Raise a Doctor or Lawyer? Don’t.” Be uplifted by “Preparing Your Child for School, Work, and Life” and “Preparing Your Kids for Whatever Path God Calls Them To.“

Writers featured in our brand new Spring 2023 issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine hail from all over and have varied careers and interesting experiences, but there’s one thing every one of them has in common: they applaud you for homeschooling. Sit down with the Spring issue and soak in all their words. Can you hear them cheering you on during this full and beautiful homeschool life? 

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