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UnLock Math was founded by Matthew & Alesia Blackwood. Both homeschooled themselves, they are now homeschooling their own 4 children in rural Ontario. Alesia went on to become an accomplished high school math teacher. She now brings her passion for math and her gift for teaching it in a way that students find easy to “get” to homeschool families across North America and around the world.

The Blackwoods launched their first course, UnLock Pre-Algebra, in December of 2014. It quickly began to garner rave reviews throughout the homeschool community. Improved attitudes towards math, improved scores, and improved retention are a just few of the reason parents are glad they have chosen UnLock Math for their child’s education.  Now offering Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II in addition to Pre-Algebra; development continues, with Foundations 5/6 and Calculus coming soon and a planned Physics course for the future.

Voted #1 digital math curriculum in 2017 by homeschool families in the U.S. UnLock Math takes care of everything  for you. Teaching, Testing, and Grading. The only math curriculum offering engaging teaching videos, an interactive platform,  unlimited practice with multiple thousands of questions, instant feedback, review, printable notes, automated grading, online chat, and much more.

The Blackwood family is on the road this year, going to conventions in MN, SC, TX, OH, AK, FL, NC, VA, CA, MO, and GA and are excited to be blessed with the opportunity to meet other homeschool families and share their amazing math curriculum with them!



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