Do you ever wish that you could get a really good look at a homeschooling product before buying it? Do you wonder what is best for your family? With our 2022 15th Annual Homeschool Freebie Directory, you can find out for sure.



Basic Skills Assessment & Educational Services

Basic Skills Essential Learning Objectives is a concise, easy-to-use checklist of learning objectives. Five instructors whose teaching experience ranged from kindergarten through college collaborated together to identify what they considered to be the essential skills of language arts and math. Organized by grade level, parents may check the progress their student is making using a set criteria, which is not coded to any specific curriculum. Go to and click the gray button at the bottom of our home page to receive this helpful eBook!

Bible Pathway Adventures

Ready for the road? Keep your children occupied and device-free with Bible Pathway Adventures’ FREE Bible-based Road Trip Activity Book, the perfect set of activities for long car journeys. Includes nine fun and engaging worksheets, including an Alphabet Challenge, Road Trip I Spy, Bible Journeys coloring page, Let’s Talk discussion sheet, Bible word-search puzzle, and a Bible verse coloring page. Simply print the NO-prep pages, and go! FREE download on the Bible Pathway Adventures’ website here:

Building Brilliant Minds

FREE Download: The Top Ten Reasons to Study Architecture and the Arts—Project-Based Learning with a Purpose, the Building Brilliant Minds—Reading and Supply List for Young Designers + BONUS tips. Learn how Music, Art/Literature and Architecture courses through Building Brilliant Minds provide students hands-on learning experiences with challenging projects, which encourage critical thinking, as they are coached to design creative solutions—all done “with an element of FUN!” Go to for your copy!

EdAlive Online Learning

Massive collection of FREE resources including over 17,000 Interactive Playable Activities covering math, reading and word skills, Printable Math Worksheets for Pre-K to Grade 10, Typing Tip Posters to help your children master the skill of touch typing, and Handwriting Wall Charts. EdAlive is honored to be able to support the education of children from all over the world. These high-quality resources are suitable for school classrooms, homeschoolers, and families. These FREE resources have been drawn from EdAlive’s suite of Online Learning Websites. No signup needed, just click and play!

Let’s Go Geography

Your K–5th Grader will love learning geography with engaging videos and creative projects! Get the stand-alone Unit on the USA–Alaska from Let’s Go Geography and discover what “hands-on” geography is all about. Each curriculum year introduces kids to almost thirty different countries around the globe, or pick and choose from almost ninety individual countries sold separately. Make geography the best part of your week with Let’s Go Geography! Click here for the free lesson:

Daily Grammar Publishing

DGP Publishing Language Arts is excited to offer TWO freebies! First, get a set of printable, hands-on reading comprehension activities for elementary students. Your free PDF includes written instructions, an instructional video, and three different activity pages. The second freebie is for high school students: a video lesson with great tips for writing college application essays and scholarship essays. If your high schooler isn’t heading for college, these tips are useful for other types of writing as well! Enjoy both freebies without signing up for anything or providing personal information.

Friendly Sciences

Friendly Sciences has been making high school science accessible for all learners for over thirty years! Friendly Physical Science, a design engineering (STEM) approach to physical science, is followed by Friendly Biology, another lab-based course. Next comes Friendly Chemistry, the “no tears” flagship course of the series. A popular option for each course is the online video series. To see if the Friendly Sciences series will work for your family, we’re offering you a FREE VIDEO license to view the first four videos in each course! Details here:

Math Mammoth

Get a free book from Math Mammoth! Math Mammoth Data and Graphs is a worktext that covers common statistical graphs and some related topics for grades 2–5. As a worktext, it contains both the instruction and the exercises and problems. The book starts with the easiest topics: reading and making bar graphs, pictograms, histograms, and various kinds of line graphs. Toward the end of the book, we study average (mean) and mode, and how these two concepts relate to line and bar graphs. Lastly, we study circle graphs.

Sally Matheny

Writer and homeschool mom Sally Matheny offers inspiration, encouragement, and resources to help parents tell the next generation wondrous things. Get a free digital download of forty (twenty different designs) high-quality JPEG images sized 1242 x 2800 pixels, perfect for all mobile phone screens. Save the images to your photo files. Set them as your mobile phone wallpapers. Use them to help with memorization. Most of all, enjoy reminders of God’s truths every time you check your phone. Download the free digital file at

Shiller Learning

This math kit includes 188 pages of Open’N’Go scripted lessons, diagnostic testing for easy placement, printable manipulatives, concrete introduction of concepts, and fractions songs. ALL of this is your free gift using this link: Starts with a basic introduction of what a fraction is and takes you through advanced fractions used in pre-algebra, perfect for helping students of all ages to learn—and even love—fractions. As part of the non-profit Rising Stars Foundation, ShillerLearning is providing this Montessori-based $69.95 fractions resource free for a limited time.

Triangle Education Assessments

Triangle Education Assessments is your One-Stop Test Shop! Paper and online achievement, cognitive and practice tests, group discounts, and more. Sample reports are on our website. Visit our Resources page for more freebies! Our Nationally Standardized Achievement Tests: Iowa® (paper and online), Stanford10 (paper and online), TerraNova2 (CAT6), Woodcock-Johnson® IV, and Brigance® for children working developmentally at seven years or below. Our Cognitive Tests: CogAT®, OLSAT® 1-877-843-8837

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).