Do you ever wish that you could get a really good look at a homeschooling product before buying it? Do you wonder what is best for your family? With our 2021 14th Annual Homeschool Freebie Directory, you can find out for sure.



All About Learning Press

The Power of the Orton-Gillingham Approach will give you an in-depth look at the fundamental aspects of this proven approach to teaching reading and spelling. On the pages of this free e-book, you will discover why educators have relied on this highly effective method for over eighty years, and you will learn how All About Reading and All About Spelling can help you incorporate these elements into your child’s education. Go to to download yours today.

All About Learning Press

Download 6 Ways We Make Spelling Easy for a guided tour of All About Spelling and the elements that set it apart from other spelling programs! On the pages of this free e-book, you’ll discover the six fundamental components of an effective spelling program. You'll also learn how these insights and methodologies have been incorporated into the All About Spelling program. It’s these elements that make spelling easy to learn and easy to teach. Go to to download your copy.

American Heritage Education Foundation (AHEF)

A non-profit organization that provides FREE, downloadable, award-winning, patriotic K-12 lesson plans, units, course guides, reading handouts, & other educational resources on America's founding documents, history, & philosophy. For Social Studies, U.S. History, U.S. Government, Civics, Philosophy, Bible, & Western Civilization. No cost to sign up! AHEF also offers critically-acclaimed resources on the Bible’s historical influence on America’s governing principles. AHEF is dedicated to the teaching of America’s philosophical heritage to promote constructive citizenship & Freedom, Unity, Progress, & Responsibility among students.

Homeschool Court

Try out a mock trial case for free! Homeschool Court's resources explain our judicial branch in detail and are perfect for a mock trial, government, or civics class (grades 4+). Go to the link and use coupon code TOSWint20 to receive 100% OFF the Teacher Case Summary: Dog Bite at the Dog Show (digital)! (Value: $9.99.) Includes all the student materials in grayscale, along with ideas to help students prepare, jury instructions, and the outcome of the actual case on which the mock trial is based.

My School Year

Easily get organized with a 1-month FREE trial to Family Edition homeschool record keeping. Generate lesson plans, visually track progress & attendance, create report cards & transcripts, daily/weekly email reminders, reading logs, student logins, and so much more. All features available on your computer, tablet, and/or phone. Use promo code FREEBIE20 for another FREE month with annual membership.

Teacher's Pet Publications, Inc.

LitPlans from Teacher’s Pet Publications give you step-by-step lesson plans, including teacher instructions and student materials, for a whole unit of study for a work of literature. We’re so sure you’ll love our LitPlans, we’re willing to give you your first one for FREE (a $16.95 value)—knowing you’ll be back for more. Check out our website for thousands of downloadable resources for over 900 K-12 book titles., Code FD20.

Triangle Education Assessments

Triangle Education Assessments is your One-Stop Test Shop! We provide year-round testing, group discounts, practice materials, and more. Online versions are available for some tests. Sample reports are on our website. Visit Resources page which has not only videos, but other useful articles that are free: Achievement Tests (all are Nationally Standardized) Iowa® (paper and online) Stanford10 (paper and online) TerraNova2 (CAT6) Woodcock-Johnson® III or IV Brigance® for children working developmentally at 7 years or below BasiTM Cognitive Tests: CogAT® OLSAT® Career Tests: Interest Explorer.

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).