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While travel restrictions lately have kept many of us from experiencing provinces and territories we don’t live in, hopefully that will be changing soon. Anyone who lives near enough to drive to Yellowknife absolutely should! If you are in northern Alberta, you could definitely make this type of trip. It is so educational to see such a northern climate and landscape and to experience the various wildlife and sites of this wonderful city. Whether you prefer to visit unique local shops and eateries, see historical sites, or if you are more into an active outdoors visit, this city has something for everyone. If you want to camp in the Yellowknife area, you have three main options for campgrounds with each one having its own perks. 

Fred Henne Territorial Park

If you want to experience much of the city of Yellowknife, this campground is the best choice for you. Fred Henne is right on the outskirts of the city by the airport. It takes only a couple of minutes by car to get into the heart of the city and be able to check out all Yellowknife has to offer. You can check out local shops, the museum, the outdoor farmer’s market, as well as see the houseboats in the scenic old town. There are many dine-in options where you can taste some of the local dishes such as fish and various game options such as bison and elk. The campground itself has a variety of sites with differing landscapes and levels of privacy. There is a beach at this campground which is the public beach in Yellowknife. There are full service bathrooms here, and the campground is monitored by security to enforce quiet hours. 

Prelude Lake Territorial Park

This beautiful campground is approximately a 20 minute drive from the city on the Ingraham Highway. It is so interesting and exciting to see the change in landscape in this part of our country. The majority of this campground is rock. Many campsites are on rock with hills and cliffs all around with trees and bushes growing up sporadically. There are a couple of beautiful hikes from this campground where you follow the hiker signs to know which way to go on the rocks. It does not have any hook ups but does have a serviced bathroom where you can shower. There is also a playground here for the kids to enjoy. 


Reid Lake

Reid Lake Territorial Park

Reid Lake is the furthest campground from Yellowknife of the three but has beautiful views and its own small beach. The small sandy beach allows swimming as well as has a dock. This is a great place to put canoes, kayaks and other boats into the water. This campground doesn’t have much cell service and does not have power hook ups. Many of the campsites are tree lined, and some overlook the beautiful lake. There is a playground for children to enjoy as well as public washrooms. This campground would be a great choice for people wanting to enjoy swimming, boating and the outdoors without needing to be near the amenities of the city. 

Wherever you chose to stay and visit in Yellowknife, enjoy the culture and beauty of the north!

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