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Teach by Making and Playing Bingo


The game of bingo has been around since the 1500s. It is no surprise it is still a favourite of kids and adults alike. The simplicity of the game makes it great for all ages, and the social aspect brings people together.

Bingo is a great game to bring into your homeschool as well. Playing games for learning brings an increase in understanding and comprehension of the materials. Because bingo is universally known and adaptable, you can use it for a multitude of subjects.

Using a basic bingo game board, you can change out the box images to whatever works best for your subject. For instance, if you were learning about a specific continent, you could use outlines of the countries, and your students could match the outline with the name that you call out. If you are working on addition facts, you could change the boxes to the possible sums for each problem. Read the problem, and the students could mark the correct sum on their gameboard. The options are endless, but we have a few ideas for you and have provided other online locations to get resources and topic suggestions to reinforce learning through Bingo games.


Reusable Write-in Bingo Boards

  1. Print out blank game boards. (There are some great options here.)
  2. Laminate the printed game board sheets.
  3. Type or write questions on strips of paper to pull out of a box.
  4. Write possible answers with a dry-erase marker within each box on the laminated game boards.
  5. When you’re done playing, wipe the boards clean and store them for later use.


Photo/Illustration Bingo Boards

  1. Print out a blank game board here.
  2. Print out images to use for the game board. (Flags, outlines of countries, illustrations, etc.)
  3. Cut one set and put them to the side or in a box.
  4. Cut the other sets and have your students glue the images to the boards in random boxes.
  5. Play Bingo!

Note: to make the game boards reusable, you can laminate the blank board and use sticky tack to attach the images.


Premade Options

Multiple different options:




Sight Words:



Preschool and Kindergarten:



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