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Family Summer activities


If you haven’t figured out what to do during the summer, we’ve got you covered! Check out this official Family Adventure List that you and your family can use as a template for summer fun planning.

Grab your checklist here:

How to use your Family Adventure List:

1. Plan out your days for the summer to include each of the following:

  • Beach Day: Time to hit the beach! Grab your swimsuits, towels, buckets, and shovels and find your nearest beach. Will you swim all day or soak up the sun while reading a great book? The choice is yours! Do you have a favourite spot, or will you try a new beach this year?
  • Backyard Day: This can be a great day to use the imagination! If you can’t do one of these options, consider making an alternative for it right in your own backyard. Another idea is to just have a backyard party. Whether or not you invite friends and family over or you keep it simple with just you and your family, make use of the space you’ve got! Camp right outside your house, have a BBQ, or put on the sprinklers and let the kids go crazy! 

For more summer activities with kids in the backyard, check out the article Backyard Summer Adventure.

  • History Day: Time to go exploring! What historic adventure can you go on in your own city or that’s close enough for a little road trip? There are tons of historical gems to discover if you are willing! Maybe it’s a place that you studied together this year. Bring those history books alive!
  • Park Day: Can someone say picnic? Have a traditional picnic in the park, hit the splash pads, or find a hiking trail to get out and enjoy God’s nature.
  • Travel Day: Pack your bags! Visiting family in a different region? Checking out those tourist attractions you’ve always said you’d do? Now’s the time! Summer is the perfect time for checking out all the attractions in your hometown or travelling abroad to take in all the sights. Some travellers like to grab souvenirs from the places they’ve travelled and keep them in a collection.
  • Hobby Day: Speaking of collections, does anyone in your family have one? Maybe it’s time to start collecting; stamps, rocks, and coins are just a few of the items you can try. Was there another hobby you love or wanted to give a try? Maybe it was knitting, painting, or baking? Maybe there is something the whole family can do. Talk it over and decide what you can try out this summer. 

2. Record what you did and where you did it so you can keep it as a record of your adventures. The year is left blank so you can re-use this checklist every year!

This Family Adventure List is a great way to start some new family traditions. Maybe you do one or two of these things already but challenge yourselves to take it up a notch. Visit new places and try new things each year. Get everyone involved with planning your summer activities. With kids you will create wonderful memories with your family. Get out there and enjoy summer!


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