Summer Learning Fun: Create a Family Vacation Scrapbook

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Are you taking a family vacation this year? Would you like to sneak a little learning in?

No matter where you are going, this family learning experience will be fun for the whole family and will give you something to keep memories alive for years to come.

Gather the Materials

Start with an empty scrapbook.

Create a Family Scrapbook with photos, postcards, quotes, brochures, maps, and stickers. Gather these things as you go. You can pick up postcards and stickers at rest stops, in airport shops, and in hotel lobbies.

You will need a camera. Your phone should work fine. Be sure to get photos of all important vacation events, activities, and moments.

Gathering and sorting can all be done at the end of the trip, or you can work on your scrapbook each evening. 

Scrapbook Pages

Now, you have a scrapbook, lots of photos, and plenty of other goodies. The key is to put everything together in an eye-pleasing way for the whole family to enjoy.

Here are some suggestions to create an amazing family vacation scrapbook. Let this be a starting off point for your own creativity.

First page – The travelers group picture and name the starting point and destination

For example, you might have left Charleston, South Carolina, for a trip to the Grand Canyon. You could take a family photo in front of your home. You would write “Starting Point: Charleston” and “Destination: Grand Canyon” somewhere else on the page.

Second page – How you got to your destination along with a map showing the route

Your trip to the Grand Canyon may be a flight from Charleston to Phoenix and then a rental car drive up to the Grand Canyon. You could include an atlas map showing the flight’s course and a road map with the roads you took highlighted. It would be fun to have some pictures in the airport or car ride, too.

Third page – Where you stayed

This would be a photo of the campground, hotel, Airbnb, rental condo, or relative’s house. Include the address and a brochure if there is one. If you have a map of the area, you could mark it with a bright yellow star.

Next several pages – One page per day or one page for each activity and event.

For example, the Jones family went to Central Florida where they visited Universal Studios, Gatorland, The Holy Land, Kennedy Space Center, and the beach. They also took a ride on an airboat in the Everglades. They made a page for each place they visited. Then they added a page with photos in their hotel room and at the hotel pool. They had seven pages of vacation fun.

For these pages, include everything you can find: postcards, stickers, brochures, ticket stubs, and maps.

Add Quotes & Fun Facts – Add quotes from every family member

For example, the Petersons loved the Grand Canyon so they had one page of quotes from each family member. Dad said, “It was more spectacular than I ever imagined.” The oldest daughter declared, “I agree with Dad. The colors, the beauty, the majesty of this place – Wow!”

The Jones family added fun facts they learned on the trip. These fun facts included information about space and alligators.

Final page – This can be a highlight page where everyone in the family shares what they loved most about the trip.

The youngest Peterson boy loved the steak at the restaurant they went to one night. The oldest Jones son said he loved the Kennedy Space Center so much that he wants to be an astronaut now.

So, how is this a learning activity? Oh, let me count the ways. Photography, writing, sorting, captioning photos, working with quotes, maps, mapping, researching, and recording all in a creative keepsake that the family will treasure for years to come.

Warmly, Meredith Curtis


Meredith Curtis, homeschooling mom, writer, speaker, and publisher, loves to encourage families in their homeschooling adventure. She is the author of Travel God’s World Geography, Travel God’s World Cookbook,  and HIS Story of the 20th Century. You can check out her books, curricula, unit studies, and Bible studies at Read her blogs at and listen to her at Finish Well Podcast.

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