What About Socialization?


What is socialization anyway? Veteran homeschoolers provide solid responses to the tough questions: Is our home a viable answer? Is socialization necessary? This E-Book provides the answers you seek, and the encouragement you need.


You have decided to homeschool, you’ve researched curriculum, bought supplies and are ready to begin when you hear the question, “So, what about socialization?”

As you stutter and fumble with words, you try to remember all of the reasons you decided to homeschool in the first place. Wasn”t socialization one of the reasons TO homeschool? You remember that you want to build relationships and disciple your children. You want to protect and provide what is best. But the words get stuck in your throat and fear suddenly takes rein in your heart. “What if they are right?”
Whether you have been homeschooling for many years or are just beginning this journey, the question of socialization will eventually be asked. How do you answer the critics when you have not been able to adequately form the answers yourself?

What About Socialization? is the answer. Veteran homeschoolers provide solid responses to the tough questions:

  • What is socialization anyway?
  • Is our home a viable answer?
  • How do I shelter and protect while providing opportunities?
  • How do I find good opportunities for my children to interact with others?
  • How do I evaluate whether they are receiving enough or too much socialization?
  • What are some ideas that will help me provide opportunities for my children?

And, a homeschool graduate provides her viewpoint.

YES, you can homeschool and provide the necessary tools and opportunities to disciple your children.

What About Socialization? will provide the encouragement you need to answer the toughest critics. More importantly, you will be able to satisfy the doubts that are nestled deep down in your heart and then answer the toughest critic of all – yourself!


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