Routines & Fall Harvest WeE-Book Bundle


Are you struggling with chaos in your home, yet you long for the peace and productivity that comes with having things in order? Ensure a good harvest in your children’s lives and in your heart with this bundle.


This bundle includes the following two WeE-Books. WeE-Book #1: From Chaos to a Symphony of Routines: Are you overwhelmed by homeschooling? Do you feel like you are falling short of some mysterious goal that everyone else seems to reach? Are you struggling with chaos in your home and homeschool, yet you long for the peace and productivity that comes with having things in order? Increase the order in your homeschool, decrease the chaos, and establish a symphony of routines with simple steps you will learn in this WeE-book™ . . . From Chaos to a Symphony of Routines By Malia Russell Well, the secret’s out—all home educators are overwhelmed at times! The good news is that you are not alone and you can learn from the wisdom of someone who’s been there, conquered that! Malia Russell is a homeschool mom of four who sees a household like a symphony, using God’s gifts of music sheets (His Holy Word), the perfect players (your wonderful children), and all the instruments you need for the smooth and gentle running of a household. To bring chaos to order in your homeschool, you’ll learn how to:

  • Remove distractions
  • Eliminate decisions
  • Delegate tasks
  • Add goals
  • Multiply spiritual disciplines

To organize your home to produce a symphony, Malia Russell will show you and your family how to:

  • Orchestrate the routine
  • Step it up
  • Fine tune
  • Get back on key

Start enjoying the sweet sounds of an organized and peaceful homeschool symphony today!   WeE-Book #2: Fall Harvest: Where’s the Fruit?

Is your cornucopia empty? Why doesn’t your family exhibit the kind of fruit you’d expect to see? What kind of seeds are you sowing?

These are questions that Deborah asked herself. She tells us: “Seasons change in our lives, the weather changes in our circumstances, and what grows in each season is different too—not only for us, but for our children as well.” Gain new insight regarding the seasons of your lives and the developing harvest that’s possible in each of us as you read the WeE-book™. . .

Fall Harvest: Where’s the Fruit? By Deborah Wuehler Where is the fall harvest of God’s goodness and righteousness in your heart and in your house? Go through each season/stage of development with the author as she shares her wisdom and experiences of what she has learned, and you’ll see a pattern of things to be doing (or not doing) to ensure a good harvest in your children’s lives and in your own heart. She promises to show you something optimistic and hopefully even beautiful. In the pages of this WeE-book™, you’ll find an abundance of wisdom, inspiration, and support:

  • Where’s the Fruit in the Very Young?—We’ve sown into them day in and day out; when will we reap or even see any bounty? Prepare the soil; harvest time will come!
  • Overestimating—A true story illustrating what can happen if you overestimate. Don’t let your child fall through the cracks.
  • Underestimating—Become intentional in the things you pour into your child. They are capable of learning so much!
  • Lazy Weeding—Faithfully and diligently “weed” that rich soil and be delighted with the outcome.
  • Where’s the Fruit in the Elementary Years?—Learn from Sandy’s wasted corn patch. When the soil is ready, water the hearts of your children.
  • Where’s the Fruit Entering the Teen Years?—Is there a purpose for these turbulent years? Transforming hearts with God’s Word.
  • Where’s the Fruit in the Higher Education Years?—This teen-to-adulthood season is finally producing a visible harvest—and it’s delightful!
  • Where’s the Fruit in Us?—Don’t just have the appearance of fruit in your life. Be fruitful and useful to the Planter!
  • Death Brings Forth Life—Die to become beautiful. Discover a precious promise from God’s Word.

“May we be faithful to water our plants with Jesus, who is the Living Water, and in doing so, may we produce a harvest of much fruit.” —Deborah Wuehler

Ensure a good harvest in your children’s lives!


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