Curiosity Files: Zombie Fire Ants


What’s the fascination with zombies? We’re talking ants here, not zombies from the movies—but is there a comparison? This ant anomaly is incomparable!Children just love to study stinging insects, and this is perfect for them! This is available only as a download.


What’s the fascination with zombies?

Well, we’re talking ants here, not zombies from the movies—but is there a comparison?
This ant anomaly ain’t nothin’ like you’ve ever seen or heard before!

The Old Schoolhouse® presents an unforgettably curious new downloadable series . . .
The Curiosity Files™ : Zombie Fire Ants

Turn your child’s fascination with the strange things that God has made into an enthralling learning adventure!

Explorations With Professor Ana Lyze—Expert in Outlandish Oddities
A FUN unit study for kids ages 8 to13.

Join the march of ant discovery, colonization, and intriguing scientific exploration! Your kids will be excited to dig into the awe-inspiring yet peculiar (and gross) limited life of zombie fire ants. From learning about scientific research and natural habitats to animal classification, you’ll no doubt be as captivated as your kids!

Children just love to study stinging insects and the likes of zombie-monster creatures too! They’ll be more than amused to learn . . . “Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Zombie Fire Ants”!

Zombie Fire Ants will keep your kids occupied and answering questions like these:

  • What is God’s plan for controlling the number of fire ants?
  • When out of control, how can scientists restore balance to the natural world?
  • What’s so special about phorid flies, and how do they fit into the ant equation?
  • Okay, so how does a fire ant morph from a hard-working colony participant into a zombie-like creature?
  • If regular fire ants cause havoc, why create a zombie version?
  • Does history tell us anything important?
  • What can we grasp from the Bible?
  • And a whole lot more!

Want to switch on the excitement of science investigations and fun learning? Introduce your child to The Curiosity Files™ and discover some unusually interesting subjects . . . you know, the unfamiliar, the zany, and the strange things of nature that kids are so attracted to.

Professor Ana Lyze and her research “spy” team specialize in the obscure, the abnormal, and the bizarre. With The Curiosity Files™, children will become mesmerized and thoroughly educated about many subjects they’d probably never come across otherwise.

You’ll notice that The Curiosity Files™are visually astounding! But they are equally engaging! The conversational-style content pulls the reader in for a wild investigation into the heart of each topic.

With this unit, kids will think creatively and exercise their minds while exploring many interesting and related topics. Students will learn what zombie sentences are and how to keep from writing them while utilizing fun writing assignments in The Write Stuff feature. Figure It Out uses the appeal and practicality of grasping important math concepts including time, money, and graphs, relating them to real-life lessons for the primary and middle grades. And two levels of vocabulary activities and spelling worksheets cover both elementary and middle/high school.

In the Lab will bring smiles and give kids a chance to use their newly acquired knowledge. Take the opportunity to observe ants up close in an ant farm—handmade of course. Enjoy journaling pages and a scavenger hunt too! There are Good Old Days history lessons and research activities, and Where in the World provides creative map discoveries. Other things such as crafts, recipes, and activities await your child. There’s even a musical approach to zombie fire ants! And with lots of game ideas to choose from, you’ll have the whole family involved, with all the giggles you can imagine!

Many special needs students have problems understanding ideas that they can’t experience directly. In The Curiosity Files™ series, you’ll find lesson activities provided specifically to help these students grasp the concepts. All children can benefit from activities that mix visual regions, auditory regions, touch regions, and motor skill regions of the brain to reinforce learning and retention; special needs students need them even more.

As you read and research The Curiosity Files™, you’ll find engaging information, puzzles, quizzes, games, and funtastic activities to keep your child actively engaged in a unit study format. Make a Zombie Fire Ants notebook or lapbook folder for starters, and then continue adding on to widen the study with more amazing topics in the series. It’s a complete educational encounter you’ll be glad to provide for your students!

Wow! Look at all that’s included in this unit:

  • Bible study, discussion ideas, and memory verses
  • Math, history, and geography investigations
  • Literature and suggested book list
  • Writing, spelling, and vocabulary activities
  • Beautiful copywork pages (manuscript and cursive)
  • Science observations, projects, and experiments
  • Discussion questions
  • Art, crafts, and drawing and coloring pages
  • Lapbook/notebook pages and helpful lapbooking links
  • Special needs, hands-on discoveries
  • Internet resource and video links
  • Complete answer key

Explore with 88 stunning and colorful pages of Zombie Fire Ants adventure!

Are crazy zombie fire ants part of God’s perfect plan?
Read this eBook and hold on to more than your hat—you’ll see what we mean.

Click to see this sample. It is just a few pages of the Blue Diamond study that it is an 89 page product.  blue diamond sample pages


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