4th of July: A Nation Built on Freedom


Discover patriotic quotations from great men and women in this 160-page eBook. As your child reads and copies these quotations, his grammar, handwriting, and punctuation skills will improve, and he will be exposed to important thoughts about liberty. 


Copywork is important not only for the handwriting, grammar, and punctuation skills it instills, but it also can help children fill their minds with worthwhile content. Many children will find themselves easily memorizing a passage as they copy it. You’ll find both manuscript and cursive examples in the pages of . . .

4th of July: A Nation Built on Freedom

This patriotic copywork book compiled by The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine provides quotations from Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, George Washington, John Adams, Davy Crockett, Thomas Jefferson, Margaret Thatcher, Benjamin Franklin, James Monroe, Rand Paul, John Jay, and others.  Help foster a love for patriotism with this copywork eBook. Provide your children with handwriting practice that matters.