2023-24 Digital Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner for Multiple Students + 2024-25 Expansion Pack

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The Mama of all homeschool planners is here. Capture your wildest ideas for 2023–2024 with the Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner.  Now includes the 2024-25 Expansion Pack!


Here’s a planner designed just for smart homeschooling mamas like you! It’s a wild world, and we know you need a dependable place to keep it all together, so here it is. You’ll turn to your planner again and again, so we made sure it’s inviting and inspiring too. Schedule lessons, record completed work, build budgets, and manage goals and chores. Track everything from preschool progress to high school transcripts with specific pages for every stage. Refresh your heart and focus on what’s truly important with prayer journaling spaces and monthly devotions. Each lovely detailed page will help you stay organized and motivated as you guide your children through their school days. Since the Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner is digital and interactive, it’s customizable for your family and can be used with any number of children. Download for use on a device or print as many pages as you need. Start planning, Smart Mama. 

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5 reviews for 2023-24 Digital Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner for Multiple Students + 2024-25 Expansion Pack

  1. Eric (verified owner)

    Advertised as an “interactive digital planner”, that would be a no. It’s just a fillable PDF that looks like half of it was gleaned from freebie sites. There’s nothing about it which actually functions as a digital planner – you have to print every blessed thing to be able to use it. Extremely disappointed. Hopefully my review can keep someone else who is looking for a real digital planner from being disappointed too.
    Honestly I wasn’t even impressed with it as a printable planner either. 111 pages of planner and about 6 (!!!) of them are actually for school related stuff if you have neither a preschooler nor a high schooler, and none of those 6 were as detailed or interesting as many (so many) I’ve found free on the internet. I counted 17 pages of ads (!!!!), a dozen cute little pep talks, 14 coloring pages taken from other sites, 18 pages which were arguably just wasted ink/space (boring 99% blank stuff like title pages and “Notes” pages), why are there so many chore charts?, a year of 2-pg calendars which would have been pretty if they hadn’t had tons of Old Schoolhouse events already on them and you can’t edit them off if you need the space for other things, and a few other dime-a-dozen housekeeping forms.

    • TOSBlog

      Hello! Thank you for your feedback on the digital planner. To use the file properly, as mentioned in the first pages of the planner, you need to download it to your computer and open it using Adobe in order to utilize the interactive forms best. Every page is editable with the ability to save your information. We do not take pages from other sites and always adhere to copyright laws. Our writers and designers work hard to create elements that make the planner simple and beautiful. You don’t have to print this planner, as you can save it on your computer with your own personal information stored on the pages. However, many choose to print copies of the pages they find useful. As each family homeschool is unique, we like to give many style options in the planning forms, so you can choose what works best for you. Here is what is included in the planner: Monthly Calendars with Notes, Devotionals & Coloring Pages, Weekly Planner, Household Budget Record, Curriculum Budget, Assignments & Due Dates, Course of Study, Annual Plans, Yearly Goals, Semester Goals, Educational Objectives, Reading Log, Preschool Planner, Educational Activities for Preschoolers, Attendance Record, Creating an Academic Transcript, Academic Transcript, Family Chore Chart, My Daily Chores, Chores Room by Room, Student Prayer Journal, Parent Prayer Journal, monthly calendar pages, and the popular Hey, Mama! devotionals for each month. If you are referring to a digital tracker program instead of a planner, and you are a member, you have the AppleCore Recordkeeping program freely included with your membership. If you have questions about that, please hit the “chat” button on that website for how to access it. We would love to hear your ideas for useful pages to possibly include in next year’s Schoolhouse SmartMama Planner. Please contact with those ideas. We are here to serve you and support your homeschooling journey in as many ways as we can. Thanks again for your feedback!

  2. Melissa Park (verified owner)

    Honestly, after reading the above review, I was a little unsure when I hit download. I’ve loved so many things from school house teachers, I figured I have to try this planner out for myself. And looking through it this afternoon, I’m actually in love with it! I love the animal theme, I love the layouts of so many pages. Doesn’t come across as freebies from the internet to me. In my opinion, the planner is beautifully designed, wonderful devotionals, lots of different pages to use or not use, depending on your family’s needs. According to the response above, this planner is indeed digital or printable. I love that. I’m so old school and a paper book lover, I can picture myself printing these beautiful, encouraging pages and filling a binder with them, making my own customized planner. Thank you so much, Schoolhouse Teachers for providing so many Christ centered resources for homeschooling families!

    • jlarson

      We are so happy you find this planner useful to your homeschool and pray that it encourages your family this year!

  3. Trista (verified owner)

    A download pdf should be a given, especially as nothing is available in hard physical form or interactive forms on their homeschooling site. So, I proceeded to purchase & followed the instructions for download…and nothing. It literally was just a link back to the description page of the planner. There is no planner!!! I tried several times to access it to no avail.

    • jlarson

      Thank you for your feedback, we greatly appreciate it! You should be able to access the download from your account on The Old Schoolhouse website, My account, Downloads. Then, click on the brown box to the right of the product you want to access.

      Again, we really do value your feedback, because others may be experiencing similar issues. We are here to help, and pray this is an encouraging tool for your homeschool year!

  4. Kirsten

    At the start of every school year, I struggled to find a planner that would work for our homeschool. For years I tried to find something that would be flexible enough to suit my twins, each with completely different plans, learnings styles and needs. Finally, when my kiddos were entering twelfth grade, after a decade of discarded printed and digital planners in my wake, I tried the Smart Mama planner. Wow! Planning out their entire year took me less than 30 minutes. Yes, I knew which books and curriculum we were using already, but the planning part and customizing the pages I needed into a planner that fit EXACTLY only took me a half hour. I LOVE this planner series! If only my kids had not graduated. Thank you for making such a flexible product! You can choose exactly the pages you need and remove the others. You can set it up for the number of kids you have and adjust every part of it to fit your own unique life and homeschool. Totally wonderful product!!

    • jlarson

      Thank you, Kirsten, for your wonderful review! We pray this provides encouragement to other homeschool moms & families as they look for that “perfect” planner for their school year.

  5. Francis (verified owner)

    I love this planner! This was my third year using it and I love that I can customize it to how I need it. I can leave out the pages I don’t want/need and print extra of the pages I need and/or like. I’m really looking forward to getting next school year’s planner so I can start planning my next school year.

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