2022 Homeschool Market Survey Report


Dramatic shifts in homeschooling statistics demand dramatic changes in advertising. What do today’s homeschool families actually want, and how do they decide what to purchase? Find out! Consult the new 2022 Homeschool Market Survey Report. It’s here to help you get your product into the hands of homeschoolers.


The Old Schoolhouse® surveyed over 2,000 homeschool parents and compiled their answers into an extensive report revealing exactly what the ever-growing homeschool community really wants. This professionally bound physical report has just been released and contains 150+ pages of valuable information to help you reach homeschoolers with your product. The 2022 Homeschool Market Survey Report includes over 93 figures and 53 tables. This detailed study unveils the buying preferences and demographic makeup of homeschooling families in the post-pandemic market. The report highlights critical changes over the past 12 months.

The 2022 Homeschool Market Survey Report opens new opportunities for you as a vendor. Here’s what’s waiting for you inside the report:

  • Find out when and how often families purchase curriculum.
  • Gain insight into what parents look for in their curriculum choices.
  • Find out which features drive sales to your product.
  • Learn who you should target specifically with your advertising.
  • Discover optimum product and service pricing to address the majority of homeschooling families.

You’ll learn the answers to dozens of precise questions like:

  • Do parents prefer to teach their children or let them learn independently in 2022?
  • How are homeschool styles and methods shifting?
  • What is the impact and influence of social media on homeschooling families?
  • Which technologies and operating systems are preferred by homeschool families in 2022?
  • Where do homeschooling parents look for advice and information when choosing curriculum?
  • What are the digital and print preferences among homeschooling families?
  • How important is reusable curriculum material?
  • What are the top homeschooling curriculum outlets in 2022?

Be the first in your industry to learn what homeschoolers want in 2022. Learn the preferences of homeschooling families, so you can visualize how to effectively—and specifically—target your marketing efforts and better plan promotions throughout the year.

You’ve already put your heart into a product homeschoolers will love—if they know about it. Now it’s time to consult the 2022 Homeschool Market Survey Report to find out exactly how to tell the homeschool community that your product exists. Get your product into homes—and put to use.



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