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With so many products available we often need a little help in making our curriculum choices. The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine family understands because we are in the same boat! Do you need more information on a product before you buy? With over 5,500 products listed in 52 easy-to-use categories, much of the information you need to know is only a click away! Let our reviewer-families help yours.
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15 Secrets to Free College DIGITAL GUIDE

2010 Schoolhouse Planner

A Celebration of Christian Character – KJV (Digital Resource)

A Treasury of Bible Verses on Love (KJV) to Copy in Cursive - Digital Download

A Trip to the Zoo: A-Z Manuscript Penmanship – Digital Download

ABC Recipes: 26 Easy and Adorable Alphabet Recipes for Snacktime

Aesop's Fables Classic Copywork Ebook

Aesops Fables Italics Cursive E-book / Beatrix Potter Italics Print E-book Garden Verse Italics Cursive E-book / Mother Goose Italics Cursive E-book

African Safari: A-Z Cursive Penmanship – Digital Download

Aqua Art 7+ Art Principles Through Coloring

Art Appreciation for Grades 1-2 – Art with Joymarie – Digital Download

Art Through the Core Series

Artistic Nature Unit Studies: African Safari (Artistic Nature Mag. Issue #12)

Artistic Nature Unit Studies: Antarctic Wildlife (A. N. Magazine Issue #10) – Digital Download

Artistic Nature Unit Studies: North American Rivers (A. N. Magazine Issue #14) - Digital Download

Artsy Animals Learn to Read / Artsy Animals Workbook 1

Australian Animals A-Z Cursive Penmanship - Digital Download

Bearing Fruit as a Christian (NASB) - Gospel Verses to Copy in Cursive - Digital

Beatrix Potter Classic Copywork E-book

Beautiful Birds

Beautiful Blessings - A Treasury of Prayers, Poems and Verses - Digital Download

Being a Good Friend

Called to Influence: A New Approach to Life, Education and College Admissions

Calligraphy Book for Beginners

Captivating Clouds E-Book

Catch the Sewing Bug

Circle Time eBook

College Launch Solution

College Success Begins at Home

Cooking Camp: Teaching Kids to Cook

Coping with the Cold: How Animals Survive the Winter Season and Snow and Ice

Creating a Rich Environment and a Fun Place to Learn for Pre-schoolers (Ebook)

Creative Nature Study (E-book)

Delightful Deciduous Trees (E-Book)

Eclipses Illustrated: Book 1 – The Eclipse Experience (Kindle Book)

Eclipses Illustrated: Book 2 – Eclipses and the Orbit of the Moon: A Visual Approach to Understanding Eclipses of the Sun and Moon (Kindle Book)

Everchanging Erosion

Fairy Tale Moments: Who Is Your Giant? (e-book, script, lyrics, and mp3)

FaithLeaps: The Christian Mom's Guide to Starting a Virtual Assistant Business (Kindle/eBook)

Farmschooling: Living Math and Lessons for Real-World Learning (Book 1)

Fine Linen and Purple: A Coloring Journal for Teen Girls Who Love Jesus (Digital Download)

Flexible Homeschool Planning E-book

Flying Creatures of the Night

Frogs and Toads

Fungus Among Us e-book

Fuzzle Family Felt Pattern Set

Garden Verse Classic Copywork E-book

Geography Unit for 3rd-6th Grades

Grammar and Punctuation on Planet Earth

Grids for Kids Complete and Crack the Code Complete

Hard as a Rock

Headphone History

Help, Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling my High Schooler!

Historical Stories of Survival - Unit 3 Surviving the Civil War - 1863

Historical Stories of Survival – Unit 4 Surviving the Great Chicago Fire – 1871

History Quick: The Pony Express Bundle

Home Business Resource Guide

Home Management for the Homeschool Mom E-book

Home Management for the Homeschool Mom e-book

HomeWork: Juggling Home, Work, and School Without Losing Your Balance

Homeschool Sanity -- Large Family Mothering

Homespun Holidays Fall and Winter

Homestead Simplicity: Natural Clean

Homestead Simplicity: Natural Clean e-Book

How I Homeschool

How to Homeschool Kindergarten

Incredible Creeks NaturExplorers Unit (E-Book)

Intermediate Language Lessons

Internet Resources for Homeschooling

Jesus, The Life Giver E-Book

KJV Proverbs Copywork Models in Traditional Cursive

Keyboarding for the Christian School, Revised Edition E-book

Large Family Homeschooling eBook

Lighting the Literary Fire

Living and Learning on One Income

Love to Sing E-book and CD

Math Mammoth E-Books

Mathematics of The Jungle Book (Digital Download)

MisterNumbers Addition on the Number Wheel (e-book)

Molly Makes $5 Dinners and $3 Desserts Cheap & Delicious

Molly Makes $7 Slow Cooker Suppers

Molly Makes $7 Slow Cooker Suppers Quick & Easy

Molly's Money-Saving Digest

Mom, I'm Bored! Series - Goop, Not Just a Science Project / Rainbow in a Jar / Make a Lava Lamp / How to Use Galileo and Skateboard in the Same Sentence

Mother Goose Classic Copywork E-book

My Alphabet and Number Pictures

NaturExplorers Unit Studies

Nature Study and More with Rascal (E-Book)

Never Pay Retail for College: Financial Aid Maximization System E-Book

No Drum Set Required: Your First Drum Lessons E-Book

Organizing Life as Mom (E-book)

Peaceful Ponds

Peterson Directed Handwriting

Picture and Writing Younger Ages

Picture and Writing: Older Ages

Preparing to Homeschool High School (DVD) The Easy Truth About Homeschool Transcripts (e-book) The HomeScholar Gold Care Club

Preschool Beginning Notebook Set

Primary Language Lessons – Part 1

Purposeful Planning E-book, E-Handbook, and MP3 bundle

Reading for Success Charlotte's Web Novel Study (Digital PDF download)

Remarkable Rain

Science Experiments in a Bag E-Books 1 & 2

Secrets of Successful Homeschooling

Sensational Sunflowers: A Short Unit Study (E-Book)

Smart Way Cooking

Someplace Called Special: A Look at Homeschooling Special Needs Children

Sometimes I Feel Lonely

Spell By Color

Sue Gregg Cookbooks Digital

Super Star Speech Expanded Form

Supermom's Simple Guide to Healthier Eating for Beginners and Beyond!

Supermom's Simple Guide to Super Salads

Teacher’s Science Fair Guide to the Engineering Design Process eBook

Teaching History Beyond the Text

The Bridge of the Golden Wood: A Parable on How to Earn a Living

The Curiosity Files: Dung Beetle

The Gift of Family Writing

The Homeschool Handbook: For Choosing Curriculum the FAMILY Way

The Play Book

Truth in the Tinsel

Tweaky's Bible Adventures CD/E-Book

U.S. Government Lapbook, K-2nd Grade

United States Government Lapbook (3rd -6th Grades)

Using Nature Study, Nature Journals, and Poetry Through the Year

With Firm Reliance E-Books

Wonderful Wildflowers e-book

World Changers Biography Club (Digital Downloads)

“A Walk in the Woods” Cursive Penmanship - Digital Download

“Kind Kids Care” A-Z Manuscript Penmanship with Verses in KJV - Digital Download