Episode 3: Non-Readers and Non-Writers: What to Do?

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Non-Readers and Non-Writers: What to Do? Child holding a help sign sitting in front of a laptop.

Discover fresh ideas for supporting your non-readers and non-writers. Christine Weller of and The Canadian Schoolhouse hosts today’s episode of the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Show and shares fun ideas for getting your child interested in reading and writing in “Non-Readers and Non-Writers: What to Do?” 

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“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;” (Colossians 3:23)

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For more on encouraging non-readers and non-writers, click on the links to these recent articles from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine:

  • Do you have a struggling or reluctant reader? Here’s an article for you called “Homeschooling Reluctant Readers.” All the hard work (mixed with a lot of love, patience, and perseverance) is worth it. 
  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful to connect with a reading specialist for solutions for struggling  readers? Dianne Craft shares her expertise in “Reluctant Readers: Six Steps for Remediation.” 
  • Do not give up on your child if he or she still doesn’t enjoy reading at age ten. It is okay if we all have varied interest levels in all areas of life (reading included). Jenny Underwood shares more in “Encouraging a Reluctant Reader” from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
  • They know what they want to say, but cannot think and write simultaneously. Dianne Craft shares even more expertise in “When My Child Just Won’t Write.”
  • What you are seeing is a child who has an insatiable desire to learn and reads well, but whose output is minimal despite all the good incentives you provide. Read “Understanding Twice-Exceptional Kids” by Dianne Craft.

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Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum is available on

Whether children are just beginning to read or writing full-length novels, language arts courses provide an unparalleled learning experience. Hands-on activities for preschool and elementary students make learning fun, while middle and high school students discover ways to share their creativity. Along the way, grammar and spelling courses polish their writing skills, and poetry and literature classes help them explore meaning and delve deeper into various themes.

Does your child struggle with reading? Do you need to find extra practice in a particular subject? members can access The Reading Center. It provides easy access to many of the reading resources available on  

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You have the power to greatly influence your children’s attitude toward reading. Here is an interview with Kristin Stewart of The Canadian Schoolhouse on developing a culture of reading in your home. Kristin also wrote an article called Create a Culture of Reading found on The Canadian Schoolhouse website.

You can join us for TCS Live every other Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET or watch the replays on the Homeschooling Across Canada Facebook page or on The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine YouTube channel.

Today’s host, Christine Weller, mentioned opportunities for writers (including teens!) at The Canadian Schoolhouse. Here is the link to Join our contributors’ team.

“We want to protect the creativity that God has blessed us with. We want to focus on nurturing imagination, and we can do that through reading and writing. So, Mama, don’t be discouraged on the journey you are on—whether you are just getting started or you’ve been at this for a while.” Christine Weller

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New episodes of the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Show will be released every Monday. Check back right here for show notes and links at Here’s what you can look forward to next: 

  • 2/20/23: Episode 4—“Surviving Winter Depression” presented by Deborah Wuehler of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
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