Mediocrity and Me

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I have a confession. I am mediocre.

I’m not famous or fabulous or fearless. My name will not be remembered by many or my work held up as an example of excellence to the next generation. I’m just me. Those who know me best would tell you I’m kind, creative, loving, and sometimes funny. But, no one would say, I’m extraordinary or unforgettable—except my mother.

I’m not destined for greatness. I’m not going to make an impact on my world that reverberates and radiates and makes everyone say my name in awe. I’m an ordinary housewife who loves her children, is devoted to her husband, and serves the Lord.

The social media screams at my mediocrity as if it’s a blight, or there’s something wrong with me for accepting it. Why won’t I reach for more? Do more? Be more? Isn’t that what makes this world a better place? Is it?

As a Christian, I have hope that helps me to rise above the perceptions of what makes a woman incredible, beautiful, or even powerful. Jesus has saved me from sin and death. He has made me a new creation. It is in Him that I live and move and breathe. All of this is what makes me who I am—a child of God.

“But that’s why you are not mediocre. In Christ you are fabulous!” you say.

No, I’m not. Christ is! Because of Him I can do stuff—really good stuff—but, I’m still mediocre.

Yes, even Christian culture seems to be pushing me to be more. “Be all you can be for Christ!” they say. “Light the world on fire for Him!” they proclaim. Even in my Christian circles, I’m sort of like vanilla yogurt—no worse, I’m plain yogurt. I don’t have charisma or fire. I’m not an exceptional Bible study leader or sought after retreat speaker, I’m not a bestselling author or an inspiring musician. I’m mediocre at all of that.

“Bummer,” you say.

Not really, I’m okay with a life of mediocrity. Not because I’m lazy or lacking in drive. I work hard to teach my children. I’m devoted to my home and my husband. I serve in my church and care for the needs of others around me. I don’t need to be famous or fabulous or fearless. I don’t need to be extraordinary or unforgettable. Jesus didn’t strive for those titles. Yet, somehow he was all of that. His fame is enough for me. His courage is enough for me. His extraordinary love and sacrifice is enough for me. He is unforgettable, and that is enough for me.

When I die, people who love me will grieve and they may say, “She was a great woman.” But it won’t be because the world or even the Christian world thinks so. It will be because Jesus was enough for me. Because of Him I can work and live and love and laugh and teach and sing and dance and be. Yeah, I’m mediocre. But, Jesus—He is extraordinary! And that is enough for me. Is it enough for you?


Joleen Steel is the curriculum specialist for Camping Stick Kids. She has a B.A. in elementary education. She taught public school for ten years before deciding to open her own music studio and homeschool her boys. Joleen is a pastor’s wife and grew up as a pastor’s kid. Her love for the good news of Jesus Christ flows out of her and into the camping stick kids curriculum. Her easy style and creative approach to teaching will encourage your student to learn the Gospel story and be able to share the good news with their friends and family. Joleen would love to have you visit the camping stick kids website and blog. Come say hi at


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