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Hey Mama,

It’s only February, yet it’s so easy to slap yourself down. You’re doing it a lot these days, aren’t you? House messy, kids not schooled to the level you had hoped for, and you feel like you’re letting Hubby down (in more areas than one). And who even has time to figure out something special for Valentine’s Day? Don’t get me started!

You feel like you should be doing so much more if only there were more hours in the day. Older kids don’t get enough time with you. Babies take up so much space and effort, yet dinner gets made . . . most nights. Yeah, it’s too much. Bit off more than you could chew, huh? 

I know the feeling. Then the Lord sweetly rests a hand on my shoulder and whispers, “My burden is light. Rest in Me, and I’ll give you the LOVE and the TIME you didn’t know you had.” These articles from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine remind that what I’m doing (and what you’re doing) is so worth it.

You Are Loved!

Nine Essential Fruits

Gardening a Child’s Life

And remember, Mama . . .

This is a season. Just ask other moms who have walked this road before you. The experienced ones will tell you that the entire time they raised their families good times ebbed and flowed. Who’s perfect? Part of living life is the whole experience of learning what works. It’s how you figure out balance, proportion. You’re a street-smart Mama, or at least you’re on a fast track to becoming one.

And all the while, your kids watch. Your younger friends observe. Not to critique you, but because of genuine interest. You’re amazing compared to what they thought “mothering” was all about. 

“How do you do it all?” they ask—and you know they ask you this. You hear it all the time.

How DO you do it, Mama? Oh, imperfect Mama with all of life’s curveballs thrown at you and hills and valleys that trip you up? Somehow, you manage to move forward anyway, day after day. And your children know they are LOVED. They know your home is a SAFE PLACE and that you can prioritize. It doesn’t even occur to them you may not be there one day. You’re Mama—you’re always there. You’ve built that security wall strong and wide for them. It’s a work of art.

You have this sense where you can assess five situations at once and mentally stack them in order of importance. That’s huge! Because some things are way more crucial and time sensitive than others. You don’t take a first-come-first-serve position, not when it comes to the important stuff. Your mental math is far higher. And you do it well—incredibly well!

His hand is, as always, on your head today. He’s never going to leave you either. After all, He is the One who put you on this track, and He is faithful to complete the processes He has put into place. You are a project, HIS project, in motion—and He’s never gonna let you go. You’re too important. You just might not see why, yet. 

Take heart, sweet Mama. Happy Valentine’s Day!

– gena

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"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).