Hey Mama Monday: You Are a Princess, Mama

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Hey Mama,

“The Great Race” has its own special meaning to us Mamas who look at the clock in wonderment; how on earth is it already time for dinner? Or bedtime? Where did the time go? Who took away the daylight? We are squishing all these hours in the best we can, yet the day is quickly over, and we are not done.

Day after day, we get it “mostly done.” And we fall into bed feeling, “mostly dead.” (Remember Princess Bride?)

Mama, YOU are a Princess Bride. And while you’re never going to get 100% of the day’s activities done, it doesn’t matter because you have this thing in you, a compass if you will, or should we call it what it really is—a gift from the Lord—which somehow gets you through each day. You end up fulfilling the highest priorities so that everyone eats, everyone feels loved, everyone is relatively clean and smells OK (well, most of them anyway . . . OK, half of them).

The family marches on. And they are all learning. And funny. And smart. And witty. And FULL of life and personality. In fact, some of those kids are a lot like you, Mama.

Someday, some of them will be a LOT like you, as they chase their own silly monkeys around, trying to get the laundry under control. Trying to keep everyone fed. Trying to keep up with the heart talks, the field trips, the character building, the discipline, the LOVE and happiness that just makes the family go, go, GO.

So you GO, Princess. His hand is on your head. Walk with the joy and peace and confidence you have, because it’s yours.

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"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).