What’s a Co-op, and How Do You Start One, Mama?

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Hey Mama,

If you’re wondering whether joining a co-op is the right thing for your family, read these articles.

To Co-op or Not to Co-Op-That is the Question

10 Essential Elements of a Successful Homeschool Co-op

Now here’s some encouragement as you make decisions about co-ops, curriculum, and other things.

You have freedom to love, freedom to make choices (good or bad) and freedom to pray. Freedom to read God’s word openly and as often as you want. Freedom to hide Bible verses in your heart (and your kids’ hearts). Freedom to discipline your children in love, to build their character, to mold them into lovers of God. To model Christ to them.

Freedom to pursue your interests, freedom to encourage your children to pursue … and to help them succeed. Freedom to laugh and dance and speak your mind. Freedom to cry, to mourn, to grieve. To fall on your knees and cry out to the King of kings. To bury your face in Him.

Daughter of the King, you are free. God has given you SO much, and tonight, His hand is on your head.

Your day may not have started out wonderfully, but it just ended with the right perspective. The God of the universe loves you and desires your children’s hearts. The Lord God who blesses over and over again (and you know this is true) is a Father to the fatherless, THE lover of our very soul. Reach upwards; look up. Get your eyes on Him tonight. Life is good. Life is just fine. He’s in it, and He IS it.

His hand is on your head tonight, Mama.

~ gena

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