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Hey Mama,

Today is about history . . . yours, your kids’, and our Forefathers’ who have taught us so much (if we’ll be quiet and listen). History doesn’t have to be all serious and Constitution-y. Yes, it can be, but it can be so much more than that, too. It’s baking bread with the littles, camping out in nature, or strolling through a favorite historical location at sunset. History is all around us, and as the Bible says, the rocks cry out His praises. History points us back to His STORY—the greatest story ever told—and all of history echoes our great Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

So, how are you incorporating history into your homeschool and everyday lives? Here are some ideas from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.

History Is Really His Story

History with Friends

6 Keys to Bringing American History to Life

And remember, Mama. . .

The Lord of lords, God Himself, loves you and your children. As chaotic as the day may seem, it’s just a passing part of your (and their) history. One day, it won’t matter that today didn’t go as planned, that the dishes are still sitting in the sink, and that the food burned. It won’t matter that money was tight TODAY and that you had to wait for (fill in the blank). 

It will be a distant fog, but part of a beautiful and wildly unique tapestry full of threads, imperfect and near-to-bursting. It will be a colorful garment to spread about your shoulders in your old age—when your children rise up and call you BLESSED!

So yeah, today is today. For some of you, it might be full of wonder and awe. For others, it’s painful, stressful, or even seems hopeless. Don’t give up!

Because with our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, there IS hope. He is our Hope, our Everlasting Life, our true focus. Eyes up, Mama. So, keep weaving that tapestry . . . it’s beautiful. As for now, His hand is on your head today. 

– gena

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