Hey Mama Monday: Be Patient Through the Trials


Hey Mama Monday: Be Patient Through the Trials

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Hey Mama


Hey Mama,

No trial too big, no pain too deep, no fear too great, no hurdle too high. With The Lord all things are possible. He keeps and sustains us. He watches over His own. Those of you who are struggling right now with great trials (and I know personally so many of you are), here is what is important:

Be found faithful at the end of that trial. Never wavering, not growing faint. Never exasperated or spent. Endure because it’s building character. Endure because you have so many witnesses, and your godly responses are instrumental to a hurting, dying world who is watching. Endure because you are bringing God glory with your praise, despite the storm. He conquers the storm in the end. It’s short. He wins. You win.

Endure too for the sake of your brothers and sisters in Christ, and for those who do not yet know the Lord, but who WILL because God is using you through this. Your testimony is precious. Their lives are precious. Be part of the enormous tapestry God is weaving for all of us, His church. You have no idea what part you are playing. You will marvel at it all later…

This life is so temporary. Eternity is what matters. This life is a blink – so very short. A stage, if you will. A brief testing ground. So very important to pass these tests, and you will if you are in Him because He is faithful to complete in us what He has begun; He does not quit. His daughter (you) is no quitter, either. The Lord is the Builder of your faith, so do not despair when you fall. Get back up. Endure. Eyes on Christ. Endure because you will be richly blessed. Be found faithful.

He takes care of the rest.

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