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Hey Mama Monday: Mama, Did You Forget?

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Did you forget? Your great God and Savior is sovereign. Things can appear one way, and by all human logic and understanding you may be seeing or hearing an insurmountable “no,” or believing something to be a “done deal.” But we cannot forget the “God factor.” It changes everything. It upsets the apple cart. It removes the bars and chains and uproots the strongholds. It overturns the already-made, hard-core decisions. And it creates a new way, forges new paths, illuminates what’s true and final, gives strength and direction to those who are truly His.

You continue to pray, Mama. The Lord is not asleep and He loves to hear from you. Bring your petitions before the throne room; He listens to His own children. Walk in obedience to His Word so your prayers are heard. Be humble in the way you live out your life. Mentor your children in Christ. Love your husband. Be slow to anger, quick to forgive. Live for Christ. Do not be discouraged when your prayers are not immediately answered. Remember His timing, His plans. It may feel like you are getting a “no” right now. And maybe you are. But His ways are so far above our own; you don’t know what He is doing, or the full scope of plans He’s made for you, even regarding this current issue.

He has beautiful plans. His thoughts towards you are good, because He works out all things for the good of those who love Him. Never forget who you are to the Lord: His much-loved daughter. Daughter of the King . . . that is you, Mama.

We serve a God who isn’t restricted by boundaries or the word “no” when He wishes to respond or act. And then He does so in His own timing, on His terms alone, and according to His perfect will, not swayed by those who presume their “no” is final. HE is final. His Word is paramount. Circumstances do not dictate God’s carefully made plans.

We worship a God who loves and cherishes us, and who also fiercely defends us. This is a wonderful truth, and it produces an obedient, grateful heart. I long for eternity. I love my Lord, and cannot wait to tell Him to His face, if I can even lift my eyes at that time . . . can you imagine that day? Thank You, oh Lord. I Praise Your Holy Name.

And worshipful Mama, walk confidently in His care and love for you, in HIS perfect plans for you. “No” is only “no” when He says it’s “no.” Meanwhile, as always, His hand is on your head today.

“The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He will.” —Proverbs 21:1


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