Do You Compare Yourself to Other Mamas, Mama?

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Hey Mama,

You thought you had an unproductive week (especially compared to everyone else you know). You whispered under your breath that it was useless . . . pointless . . . low yielding . . . you are just not cut out for this. 

“But it may have been more productive had I made a few other choices,” you say. OK. Fine. Pick yourself up and start again tomorrow—but I don’t think this week was a big fat bummer at all. 

Know this. Your Heavenly Father isn’t standing over you with a whip—so you put that thing down, too. Stop beating yourself up. Stop comparing yourself to other Mamas. They’re NOT you . . . and that’s a good thing. Don’t believe me? Hear what some other Mamas at The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine have to say.

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And remember, Mama, what’s true. . .

  1. Your kids—when they wake up—look for you. It’s the Mama they run to when they want to show off their accomplishments. It’s you whom they look to for approval. Their parents are their home. You furthered that truth . . . you only confirmed it this week . . . by being you.
  2. They ate. Not only did they eat plenty, they had some good meals this week. You are always aware, always cognizant of their needs. Always in the back of your mind is their well-being. You have not failed this week at all.
  3. They laughed. They giggle like there is no tomorrow, and do you think they’d do that if your home was a dungeon? Probably not. They feel the freedom to crack up, the lightheartedness to act wild and crazy. You provided that environment. You allow for that fun childishness.
  4. They learned. Don’t tell me they did nothing all week. Because you have gifted them with surroundings which lead to their learning and discovery, they DID just those. They sought out information. They had deep conversations. They read or tried to read. They played—playing is the kind of learning that sticks anyway.
  5. They saw. They saw you being real. They saw how you treated Daddy. They watched as you cared for the younger ones, even though you had to set your own plate down, change your own plans, put yourself last. The Mama is the one who cares. The Mama isn’t perfect, but one thing they know is that she is the one they will run to if there is pain or fear. She is their home. She is a homemaker.

You are the Mama. And there is such purpose there. A plan you are living out as the Lord has written your story . . . beautiful story . . . a tapestry, remember? Imperfect threads making sometimes random weaves and turns but firmly held in the hand of the Living God.

His hand is on your head right now, and it will remain there next week, too. Walk confidently. You are in His palm.

– gena 

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