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Hey Mama,

If you’re wondering whether you can homeschool your special needs child or are looking for suggestions from moms who’ve been there, check out these articles.

Ten Reasons to Homeschool Your Child With Special Needs

Homeschooling Your Special Needs Child

Is Special Needs Homeschooling Possible?

And remember . . .
YOU are right where you’re supposed to be. The Lord has set you on this journey, this beautiful path called motherhood. Along the way, you will experience joy, pain, grief, sadness, delight, great laughter, satisfaction, sufficiency, contentment, gratification, hilarity, glee, fearfulness, trepidation, chicken-heartedness, dread, qualm, doubt, bliss, and absolute CLOUD NINE.

Take it all, Mama. These are individual threads in that great tapestry the Lord has designed for your life. Each is a small pebble in the cobblestone roadway you walk. And you older Mamas already know this. But we all can use the memo once in a while: joy comes in the morning. At the end of it all, may we be found faithful. May we race gladly towards the prize. The Lord is IN THIS LIFE of yours! He IS our life!

Take joy even in the trials. Embrace it all. It’s not random! God is not aimless! There is purpose here. Do you trust your great God and Savior? Do you believe He will make all things good for our benefit, for His glory? Yes! You are on the right path, pretty Mama! Keep walking down that beautiful road of many stones. His hand is on your head today.

~ gena

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