Hey Mama Monday: 10 Reasons Today Went Better than You Thought

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Hey Mama,

Today went better than you thought. Let’s see why:

  1. Your kids laughed their silly heads off today at least once.
  2. They were fed, and they are just FINE.
  3. Your house is a disaster, like 99% of other homeschool mommies’ houses are. But all barf and other icky stuff is cleaned up and things are sanitary enough.
  4. They learned. They played, too. But the best way to learn is to enjoy it and PLAY while doing it.
  5. Your children are loved, and they know it. Regardless of today’s events, deep down inside, those kids KNOW you love them fully.
  6. They’re clean. OK so they’re a mess. But it’s not that disgusting. Lower your standards already! Life is short.
  7. You smiled at them today. (No? OK do it now. Call their names and GRIN like a goofy turkey–check!)
  8. They are secure and safe, and they know it. Your home is their life, and they’re happy and content.
  9. You use discipline. Your kids are not going to think they are the center of the universe while “you’re” the mama.
  10. Someone got kissed or hugged today (No? OK do it now. Get that kisser ready–check!)

You awesome, Mama, you. Wow, what a Mama. 


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