Are You Reading Aloud as a Family, Mama?

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Are you reading aloud as a family? It’s a good way to enjoy great literature together. Recently our family finished The Three Weavers (Lamplighter Publishing), Hedge of Thorns, Stranger at Home, and now we’re in the midst of The Lost Ruby. The Lamplighter Rare Collector’s Series is so fantastic. These are character-building books, and our children love it when Paul and I read aloud from them in the evenings. 

Kids are never too old to be read to. Gather everyone where you can curl up on the sofa, an easy chair, or stretch out on the carpet or a soft rug. Or get your older kids to read to the littles; that’s a win/win. The older ones get to practice their reading, and the smaller siblings are engaged in a fun activity while both are making memories together.

Another way to enjoy literature is to act it out. Your plays can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. Make easy puppets, dress everyone in costume, or pretend you’re performing for an audio podcast. If you’re looking for great literature, always check your library or check out these resources

And remember . . . 

Today, focus on just TODAY. Tomorrow will take care of itself (Matt 6:34). By the way, your children are focused on today. Did you know that? It’s what’s in front of them right this minute, and they’re embracing every bit of it! Make it an adventure. Be on the same page. Slow down today. Take time to look each one in the face and just talk. Gaze into those beautiful windows called eyes. Long, meandering conversations equal quality time. The kind of stuff memories are made of. You’re that kind of Mama. Yes, you are.

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